Tuesday, July 1, 2008

rainy days

I knew it would be a fairly rainy day here (my parents are currently weather observers in Tassies south-west) so I planned a few inside activities with Max to pass the time. Luckily we had some lovely sunshine for a little while & we got to run around outside; emptying the compost, collecting the eggs, picking grass for the chooks, a spot of weeding & generally enjoying the sun on our faces (while Adi slept). When you live in Tasmania you just have to drop everything & go outside as soon as the sun is shining or you just might miss it (at least that's my excuse for leaving the cleaning until later).

Anyway the rain soon drove us back inside so the baking began. The sourdough was nearly ready for kneading so Max worked on his dough (playdough) while I did it. We then launched into some biscuit making.......

They did turn out in the end

Both the babes went down for their sleep and I cleaned up our flour coated kitchen & also snuck in a quick bit of sewing, some WIP for the etsy shop and a start on a gift for friends who have just had their first babe.....a little boy, born the day before the baby bonus increased by $1000!

I'll still trying to get the link to my Etsy shop working, one of these days......in the interim you can find me by looking for seller "3redbuttons". I love making summer clothes in winter, it reminds me of what is coming. These ruffle pants are a favourite at the moment! Today I made my first sale on Etsy, thanks so much TheQuiltedLion, I'll link to you as soon as I know how.

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