Monday, July 21, 2008

in the time it takes........

In the time it took to find my mobile charger this is how Max managed to 'make-over' his sister using his favourite product....a tube of am-o-lin!

I had to leave the room & burst in to fits of laughter after discovering them, Adi all smiles & Max looking very proud of himself. Thankfully the camera was hanging out in the hall & I managed to grab a couple of photos before attempting to wipe some of it of. Having no hot water made the task next to impossible, so instead it was sort of smeared all over her, although I managed to collect quite a bit in a bowl. So the lesson today...Max can play nicely with his sister....just not in the way I had imagined it happening!

We had a great time in Launceston, meeting baby Jasper & having lots of cuddles. Despite early enthusiasm regarding staying up & watching the Tour de France I went to bed at 9 (unheard of!). On Sunday we watched our friend run in the Launceston 10 before Tim headed to the soccer while I took the kids to hang out at the Inveresk Queen Vic Museum & Art Gallery. It's the perfect spot to take kids on a cold & rainy day (especially if it's a Sunday!). While they slept I looked at the things I like; the China Trade Paintings , the Tasmanian Aboriginal shells exhibit, and some of the amazing colonial paintings they have there. Max loved waking up amongst the trains, planes, dinosaurs & the fabulous new phenomena factory. The less said about the drive home the better!

That's about all I have time for as I've a mountain of sewing/mending to get through tonight & the pile is threatening to topple over & destroy my prioritised stacking.

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