Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winter harvest

We used our last jar of cumquat marmalade last week so yesterday Adi & I went back to 'our' cumquat tree to harvest some more. It was great to see cumquats still on the tree as last year we missed out as I think I'd mentioned it to a few too many folk! When I first discovered this tree it had what looked like several years worth of fruit on it. Now it is bursting with big & juicy fruit thanks to it's regular picking perhaps. Adi crawled around the grass while I reached around collecting fruit.

This little nest was tucked in behind the canopy....

It was a beautiful hour spent in the brief sunshine, especially as this heavily perfumed bush was in flower.....not sure what it is?

The fruits of our 'labour' (well besides the sooty mould my hands were covered in this part was the easy bit, tonight the cutting & preserving begin in earnest)

Our hot water system dilemma continues, we are trying to decide whether to go solar or instantaneous the mean time the kids get a 'bath' in the kitchen sink (which they LOVE!) , Tim gets a shower at work.....& I'm making do (which I don't LOVE!)


B Kinch said...

What a beautiful day you must have had! I love marmalade but have never tried cumquat!

simplelife said...

Just found your blog, it's great. That flowering scented plant is a daphne bush. They smell devine. A few flowers in a glass in the toilet is great too. I'm in Tassie, but up the other end from you. I love the stripy jumpers your children are wearing in the photo with the amolin cream, did you make them?

cheers Kate

Angie said...

Thanks for identifying the flower for me Kate, I've heard Peter Cundall talking about them on saturdays (ABC radio)....I'll have to get one. I wish I had knitted those stripy jumpers, the cardigan was a gift (bought from a school fete) & the other from the op shop. I can't access your blog for some reason...perhaps you prefer it that way...if not I'd love to read about life in the north of Tas.

simplelife said...

Sorry Angie but you can't access my blog because there isn't actually anything there yet. I spend all my allotted computer time reading and never actually get around to writing anything. Maybe when I get a laptop and can use the internet without having to shut myself away from my family in the dungeon aka the study I'll start posting.

cheers Kate


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