Tuesday, August 12, 2008

birthday preparations

While Adelaide's first birthday is not until the end of the month, I've started to put some effort into how I'd like to celebrate birthdays around here. I'd really like to avoid the focus being on parties, presents & cakes and shift the focus (while I can) to being on what they & we as a family have done in the past year. I'm still in shock that this little girl is now nearly one

The second time around seems to have flown by. I guess with Max, everything was new. Looking after two young children meant I just didn't have the time/energy to spend as much time sitting around staring/marveling at her. Of course we still marvel at her antics & wonder at the differences between them, but it has been a very different journey the second time around. Adi has spent far more time being carried around in pouches & backpacks - while I tried to get things done or entertain Max, she has slept in our bed much more than Max ever did and she has grown up regardless of me still thinking of her as my baby!

This last week she has started to refuse the breast during the day, only feeding in the morning & evening. I get the feeling that as soon as she starts to walk it will be "thanks but no thanks mum". I'll miss the feeding times as they were the regular little one-on-one times that we have always had, even if Max tried to distract me. But I look forward to seeing her walking about the place, she currently pushes the trolley about with a look of immense pride on her face, it won't be long now.


beccasauras said...

mmm, love that newborn look, isn't it delicious? The fresh skin, all pink and plump- i'm a midwife, I love the little tackers!

blackie said...

happy birthday little one! My daughter will be one in a couple of weeks too and I also can't believe it. I am having trouble facing up to the fact that I don't fit into the 'new mum' category anymore. I still feel like a big doofus half the time.


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