Tuesday, August 26, 2008

family, princesses & bike rides

My sister & her family were in Hobart for the weekend, so Max & Adi had lots of cousin time. It made me realise how nice it would be to live closer to my family so the cousins could all hang out together. The reality is we are all rather scattered so it isn't very likey but I can see how raising children with lots of family members around would be sooo different from the way most people seem to be doing it these days (us included). Babysitters on hand!

I felt better about the whole thing after seeing Princess Mary down at the markets on Saturday. Poor thing, surrounded by photographers, bodyguards, the adoring public........imagine trying to raise children in that environment. The funniest part was the reports in the paper on Sunday about her being just a normal mother taking her children to the markets!

It was a busy weekend with a trip to the snow, birthday cake baking for cousin Zion & Adi, a ride to the market with the kids in the trailer, a 2 year old birthday party, hanging out with my sister, cooking together & a little sleep in (thanks Tim).

I finished off a couple more summer bloomers this morning before the mad rush out the door to playgroup, Max was very keen to help me take some pictures of them

1 comment:

blackie said...

fab knickers!

I feel sorry for mary too and wish everyone could just chill out and let her be when she comes. I confess though that I did contemplate going for a walk in the area she was staying so that I might accidentally bump into her, so I guess I am not much better than the paparazzi


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