Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flowers & bloomers

So the garden didn't exactly get whipped into shape this weekend but lots of other things happened to make up for it.....sleep-ins, produce shopping at the markets, dinner with friends on Saturday night, superficial cleaning (my effort), fridge cleaning (Tim's effort), chilling with the kids, some sewing & I think I even caught a glimpse of what I expect was the bottom of the washing basket!

The garden is producing flowers (bulbs & self-seeded annuals) if nothing else so at least there is something to gather after collecting the eggs in the morning. The wind has snapped the tops of the over-zealous sweet pea so I got a couple of bunches this morning before they all wilt. This vibrant pink sweetpea plant was the only one to survive JP's (our dog) bone burying forays into the garden. They smell lovely & do a great job in the kitchen masking the smell when you open the compost. Quite unintentionally they are the same shade of pink as our only ranunculas flower (so far).

While I'm on the floral theme, I also made a new pair of bloomers....these are the photos that didn't make it to the shop but are my favourites anyway.

Max was keen on the pom-pom trim.

I picked up a $1 bag of remnant fabric from Spotlight on Friday night....

It got me thinking about what I'd make with the fabric, so I decided to starting the remnant bag challenge, to see how many goodies I can create from the fabric in that bag....the 'rules' are:

  1. I can't buy new bits & pieces for the projects (zips, ribbon, etc). Fortunately I have a stack & I'm thinking op-shop finds will be OK.
  2. Try to make things we need or clothing that looks at least half decent...there are some strange fabrics in this lot.
  3. Use as much other fabric from my stash as possible!
This is the first project using the fabric...'s a bag for holding the felt-board game I got at the op-shop recently. See that purple fabric I used as the backing...that's from the bag. I also used up some light weight plastic, fitted sheet elastic (good for projects where fancy FOE would be a waste), velcro (no zippers long enough), & some op-shop bias binding. It worked out really well, I'll be making more of these for all the puzzles...they make storing them much easier.

I'm off to bed for an 'early' night as tomorrow I need to do the re-supply shopping for my parents who are currently care-takers on Maatsuyker Island (another post).


beccasauras said...

I love the bloomers, a great use for the pompom trim. I like the remnant challenge too, after buying 2x 130 litre tubs to hold my fabric, I am also not buying anymore! I am making bias binding at the moment to try and use it up- will post a photo when I get some finished. Good luck with your challenge!

Kate said...

Cute bloomers!

beccasauras said...

The bias tape is so easy. I made another 2 last night. The joining is the only bit that's annoying, and I cut 3 or 4 fabrics, then sit and join them all at once. it's like yo-yo's, once you start you can't stop!


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