Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fresh greens to inspire me!

A friend (who knows the woeful state of my veggie patch at the moment) loaded me up with fresh greens, kale, jeruselum artichokes & silverbeet (her "B-grade crop") when I visited today. It was such an amazing dinner to wash a few greens, chop up some avocado, fry some haloumi, squeeze a lemon, splash with oil & sprinkle with parsley + pepper! No more mucking around, I'll be in the garden this weekend rain, hail or shine - a bit of shine would be nice though.

Having grown our own salad greens since we put in the veggie patch I find it really hard to buy them at the shops, I end up thinking to myself "heck no, I'm not paying for these easy to grow crops, I'll plant them instead" but lately I've forgotten to plant them so we seem to have been without fresh salads for yonks.

This meal reminds me why I need to get out & get a couple of beds back on track.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I also begrudge buying things I know I could grow, but since the water restrictions came in my garden and my enthusiasm have also evaporated. I'll try make an effort this weekend as well.


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