Sunday, August 3, 2008

i spy sunshine

We had a glorious day in Hobart today. The sun was out & there was a hint (a mere hint) of spring in the air. Unfortunately Adelaide is unwell with a fever so I spent the majority of the day inside feeding & comforting her, with snatches of standing outside in the sun. Consequently the mini-mountain of sheep poo I planned to spread about the garden this weekend is still stacked around the side of the house. My gardening boots are at the ready for some day this week - in the 'blunnies' corner. I do like 'proper' shoes but I tend to wear these heaps (blundstones go with everything don't they?)

I also finally finished this cycling jersey for Tim. It was another trial using the coverpro. The fabric was a slippery sports fabric (on throwout @ Spotlight). Of course Tim wanted a few modifications to the original pattern & there was a fair bit of trial & error (read: unpicking!) but the end result worked better than I expected. The next one is to be made in merino wool with further modifications still. I found this handmade cycling jersey in my blog travels & hope to track down the green pepper pattern.

I've got a bunch of stretch fabric projects piled up next to the coverstitch (up & over to be exact) but I'm not doing anymore sewing until I spring clean the sewing room (that's what I like to call reality it is the room that contains all our books, my fabric, 3 sewing machines, a desk, the computer & printer, loads of junk & possibly all the odd socks we've ever lost).

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