Tuesday, August 5, 2008

marmalade kick-starts the day

Some days I feel I just drag myself out of bed. Adi was quite unsettled last night so I had no energy to make the regular pot of porridge this morning....the kids got weetbix & fruit and I had a cup of tea & some of the freshly baked sourdough with the cumquat marmalade I recently made. Being low on jars after the tomato season (I'm the only one in the house who eats tomatoes....the bulk of our tomato crop is made into kasundi) I used the huge jars that came with our flea market fowlers kit, hence the mega jar of marmalade.........

I was cheered up soon enough as powerco turned up to connect us the the gas mains. Max was beside himself with all the action, we went outside to watch them dig the hole in the road & he spent the rest of the time clued to the window, which was a great vantage point. I dragged him away to go to playgroup which was a waste of time as he spent the whole time asking to go home & see the digger!

I'm busy planning my Wednesday evening.......a very long soak in the bath & a laugh in front of hollowmen. This will be closely followed by some gardening effort to repair the damage done around the gas connection - what wasn't covered in piles of dirt was trampled.

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