Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mid week recovery

Wednesday already!

The days seem to have been slipping by, I haven't managed to get half the things done I hoped I would. Max is only just coming out of yet another sickness. For the past 5 or so days he has been totally miserable, snotty, feverish & hasn't eaten very much. He seems to have inherited his dad's ability to cope with pain which is summed up in this clip....

He started eating again today & the snotty nose seems to have backed off...check out one of yesterdays shirts.....& most of the time he used a hanky! I do wonder about the rationale of him spending 1 day a week in childcare...just enough time to catch everything going around, the rest of the week spent recovering only to go back & catch the next lurgy!

Luckily he has enough in reserves that several days of not eating much means he just looks a bit leaner, Adi would be a different story. He spent this morning squeezing& drinking blood oranges before tucking into a bowl of weet-bix.

I managed to get a bit more sewing done last night as Tim had to go back in to work until late, more pencil rolls for birthday gifts, and this little upcycled t-shirt, my first go at reverse applique.

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beccasauras said...

Wow, he definately got good use out that hanky/shirt. His immunity will be building up from childcare, my daughter doesn't even get sick from me anymore! Love the t-shirt, I love the bonds lycra to sew on, they are great and last for ages. Would love some tips on how to reverse applique, have never done it. Great job!


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