Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my kitchen maid

We started the morning with freshly squeezed blood orange juice all around. While juicing the oranges I was admiring my sunbeam mixmaster which has really stood the test of time.

My Nan has one of these & I remember helping her bake biscuits & cakes with it as a child. It was from her I learnt to wind the bowl backwards to ensure everything gets mixed, whenever I do this I am reminded of her. I picked this mixmaster up from a garage sale when I lived in Sydney. The woman selling it was renovating her kitchen & this 'didn't go' with the new kitchen so she was buying a kenwood mixer. I was thrilled to pick it up for $25 - it even had all the attachments & the original handbook.

My mum had a kenwood mixer so I suppose I should be lusting after this generations mixer, a kitchen aid, but I'm happy to go back in time & use the Sunbeam (my kitchen maid perhaps?). The juicer attachment is really efficient & fast at getting that goodness out of the fruit & into a cup to get the day started.......

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pen said...

i remember this one too. my mum and my grandma had one. my mum "got rid of hers" many years ago and i was so disappointed. i pointed one out to my children at the Heritage Society's day in july and they looked at it in awe, like they'd look at a dinosaur. mmmmm, how old did i feel that day!


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