Thursday, August 28, 2008

vitamin D & C & C & C

I've picked up some horrid lurgy with the hightlights being headaches, swollen glands , sore throat, cold shakes & just a general feeling of rottenness. Thankfully it responds rather well to panadol so under the influence of that & lots of vitamin C I've managed an OK day so far (however there was that session this morning where Max was allowed to watch Night Garden & Playschool). It has been a glorious spring day in Hobart. The sun has been shining & by mid morning we had all managed to find something to amuse ourselves with on the deck or in the yard. NO hats allowed as we soaked up a few post-winter sun rays. Things I love spring in the air.......

  • washing hung outside in the sun, dry in 1 hour. This is a typical load, a zillion nappies, stacks of bibs, a few kids clothes, a lonely sock, & not a single pair of my do mine always stay in the washing basket long after everything else has moved on!
  • 3-4 eggs per day from our 4 hens, all that left over porridge is paying off
  • Adelaide's 'first' steps, out in the sun, new summer outfit (made last night) and no shoes - look at those little toes gripping on!
  • tangellos.......our juice this morning & for lunch
  • rare moments when Adi is not destroying the tracks & Max can play trains

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beccasauras said...

Tiny bit of sun in melbourne too, this morning, and I hurried to put my washed sheets on the line. Rain came a few hours later, damn! Sheets dreid outside smell so good. I can feel my winter mood lifting.


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