Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Share your Fabric Stash (so you know you're not alone)

There's a PHD just waiting to be written about the fabric stash phenomena

I'm jumping on Mike's share your fabric stash bandwagon,

I picked up a small box full of these made-up but unused vintage curtains from a local op shop a couple of years ago, most have been given away, swapped, used, I still have a couple left to use

This gives a better view of the flowers

A very small part of my stash! And this is just the top of the fabric shelving.

Everyone's a winner around here

I have 5 little piles of freezer paper to send out to Kate (from picklebums), Blackie, 13 mimosa, Elyse and Taccolina...I guess I'll need you all to send me your address....I'm not sure how to achieve this so the best I've come up with is I'll change my comments so that they need to be moderated & I'll not post any comments with personal details....unless someone comes up with an easier option (there has to be one....way too late for me to think of it though)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Freezer paper give-away

After coming up with some new & exciting uses (stay tuned) for yet more freezer paper I realise I'll still have oodles left so I'm going to give some away so others can give it a go. I think there's enough for 4 or 5 lots of 6 sheets (torn off in something resembling an A4 sheet). Just leave a comment, it can be anything , except perhaps "MINE, MINE, MINE", I get enough of that around here! I may even get a chance to use this!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Inspired by the Hoppo Bumpo stencil- along I've been working on a few possible designs, of course I made the 'mistake' of asking Max what he wanted on a t-shirt......"DIGGERS"......."BIG DIGGERS!" What was I thinking!

My freezer paper order arrived today (from Punch with Judy). I've enough to last me a life time!

Despite having read Hoppo Bumpo's very well researched summary of using freezer paper for stenciling I ploughed straight into it tonight, ignoring all that sage advice (no pre-washing, peeled the paper off 2 minutes after printing.....you get the picture). I used this rather PINK shirt I picked up for $3 from Big W a while back. I'm still not sure if Adi will ever wear this in public but it was the closest thing to hand. The dino design is one I used a while back, at that time I cut it out of some scrap vinyl.

The paper stuck really well

The dishwashing sponge also did the trick

I'm thinking of adding some green grass or prehistoric trees to attempt to drown out the PINK!

Despite peeling the paper of rather pronto, the stencil worked out just fine.

I'm glad I did this before venturing off to look at everyone else's, especially this one! I'm looking forward to the mighty DIGGERS taking out the tally count (I'll be keeping the cement truck very quiet from Max)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - morning play

Sewing & gardening .....when children sleep!

The kids spring/summer wardrobe expansion continues, I made these pants for Adi, the pattern was cut from a favourite pair of pants Max had. The cut is really good so I'm about to attempt to re-size the pattern to fit Max (any tips welcome). Of course the photo was taken after she wore them to playgroup....they are covered in food & a bit of pen ink.....the fabric (from an old curtain) is great for hiding a days play.

I made them so they will fit for a while, she needs the cuff turned up at the moment (to ensure a sufficient quantity of sand makes its way home from playgroup). This really was the best photo I could get of her wearing them.

Adelaide went to bed at 9am and she is still asleep 3 hours later! This is an all time record. While I did plan to go out & get some things done this morning, I used the time to get some gardening done, for my records I planted out snowpeas, more poppies, lettuce & weeded the garlic.

The plumber also came this morning to move the plumbing in the laundry. My parents arrive back on Monday - in a helicopter - Max is almost beside himself with the anticipation of it. They have kindly offered to install the IKEA cupboards we have had downstairs for about 2 years (perhaps even longer!) I'm imagining not having to fight my way into a tiny room to put a load of washing on.

Summer is just around the corner, I know this not because of the weather lately but because the visitors are starting to arrive.....another good reason for some Spring cleaning (so we can fit them in!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

A forgotten bit of sewing for fathers day

These were sewn up a while before fathers day....I didn't expect to finish them as quickly as I did. All the PJ pants were made from an op shop flannel sheet, a pair for Tim, a pair for Max & a pair for Alvin (Max's bedtime friend)

I figure matchiness confined to the house is OK?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Never too late to celebrate

Today we held a little gathering to celebrate Adelaide's first birthday, 3 weeks after turning one. I can't believe this was the best photo I got of her with her cake! A chocolate & raspberry affair, made by Tim & Max.

We all did some baking, these were my offerings, frosty lemon cakes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the sun shines

Max walked out of his bedroom this morning and his first words were "Frank?" "Frank's chalk?". Our friend (lets call him Frank) was over for dinner last night & gave this chalk to the kids.

new chalk

While I took on the nappy bucket.....

washing -before

They got to work on the chalkboard, all of this before breakfast

craft before breakfast

The washing seems so much easier when you can hang it outside

washing -after

A few great finds in the local op shop, this skier smocked dress is my favourite, joining the growing collection of little vintage dresses for Adi to grow into.

ski dress

ski dress-detail1

Some great tablecloths & this linen tea towel. Everyone is spring cleaning so I of course instead of taking on my own spring cleaning battle I thought I'd go out & gather up what the others are discarding! The windows can wait!

vintage irish linen tea towel

Lots of gardening getting done around here, and to top it all of this fabric parcel arrived.....so many summer clothes to be made....so little time!

fabric package

I'll have to tackle a few chores tomorrow so the place looks sort of tidy when everyone comes over for some of Adi's belated birthday cake on Saturday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Spring cleaning, spring gardening, spring sewing...

Sounds like I've been busy doesn't it........while I've done bits of all these spring activities, I'm way ahead on the writing-lists-for-spring-activities than anything else!

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing, Etsy orders, summer clothes for the kids, summer clothes for myself (or at least finding the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt I started last summer!), gifts for friends, Christmas gifts.......

Max has taken a greater interest in sewing since spying this lurid "construction" fabric at Spotlight....he is majorly obsessed with diggers at the moment so I bought some of it (he has never asked for a specific fabric before) & we cut out some summer PJ's for him. The fabric is so busy it reminds me of something our vet would wear...I assume to hide any gross animal splatters. I've only made the pants out of it, with a digger ready to be sewn onto tee. No doubt it will be good for camouflaging the weetbix splatters.

Finding decent fabric for boys clothes can be a real struggle. It drives me crazy that not only do Spotlight pretty much have a monopoly in Tasmania (except for some great quilting fabric shops) but they stock horrendous fabric for boys (see above!) especially the insidious military/camouflage type fabrics. This is my excuse for scouring op shops for fabric & ordering fabric online. I was excited to see the latest Echino cars fabric......

Some of this is flying to me as we speak (I hope). It reminds me of the cars on this poster that I collected mainly because I loved the red, white & black with the cars (I drove a Valiant pacer for a time in a 'former' life)

I had planned to plant out some seedlings today but the wind was bordering on gale force so I settled into some weeding while Adi slept, Max played in the sandpit & garden. The chooks were very pleased with their mountain of weeds to scratch through & I was able to see that not getting to mow the lawn on the weekend was actually a bonus as last nights rains made today perfect weed pulling weather.

After all that sickness a while back it was nice to have more music & dancing creeping back in over the past week. We have had a couple of dance evenings with Max on his ukulele, Tim on guitar, Adi on the baby piano or harmonica, me on tambourine (I missed the musical gene) & Scissor Sisters on the stereo.

Max has since been setting up a little one-boy-band.....

With the occasional bit of help from his sister (& whoever has been selected for a go in his baby-back-pack).....

Now if only I could show as much interest in getting our tax returns done as these two showed in Tim's superannuation statement tonight!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gifts, health, walks, yum cha, sleep

I think I'm safe to say this flu has nearly run it's course.

Normality is slowly returning.

I haven't been that sick in years. It makes me appreciate being healthy all over again.

The most challenging part was dealing with two small children all day while feeling drained of all my energy. It was actually easier when Max was sick & whingey, because at least he was satisfied with cuddling up & reading stories. Adelaide was either protected by the breastmilk or is way more stoic than her brother as she wasn't struck down with it like the rest of us. In a way the timing was OK as Adi started walking while I was sick, & as well as being very chuffed with her new outlook & independence, she is exhausting herself & finally sleeping (TWO day sleeps, and much longer stints at night - one night she SLEPT THROUGH!)

Not being able to get out of the house was the second most annoying factor. Besides a quick dash to the chook house or (on a good day) out the back gate into the reserve to throw the ball for the stir-crazy dog we have been at home..........slowly....going......batty. There was one outing to Coles that destroyed me for the rest of the day.

Yesterday Hill Street Grocer called to say we had a gift box to collect. Tim ventured out with the kids to return with a box full of fresh fruit, pre-made meals, chocolate & treats for the deli! My amazing folks had organised it from their little island in the middle of nowhere, THANK YOU!

It was the turning point, the kids polished of the strawberries in a flash & Tim and I ate something that wasn't a variation of 'beans on toast'.

I even dragged out the gocco (recently re-supplied with bulbs & screens from MiharuShop's) and falshed & printed up these gift tags

So today started with letting Tim sleep in while I played with the kids before waking him with breakfast in bed

We managed a few chores before all heading out into the rain for a blast of fresh air & a gentle walk up the Lenah Valley track, followed by yum cha, a family soak in the bath & an early night for the little ones (& maybe for me if I get going!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

celebrations and more sickness

We celebrated Adelaide's first birthday on Sunday, just our family, some cake, a few gifts & lots of kisses for the birthday girl. I had set up the side board with some photos of Adi taken over the past year & we had been looking at them throughout the week, much to Max's fascination.

Max helped me make a banana cake in the morning, and Adi knew just what to do with it when the time came.

I also managed to sew up a few summer outfits, the Ottobre pants (1/2008- Suzette) and another swing top with matching bloomers.

Sunday evening then just fell apart with Adi waking at about 11:30 & we were unable to settle her again for the rest of the evening (she only seemed to relax if I was carrying her around....no sitting!). Suffice to say Monday morning I served the kids left over banana cake for breakfast before again falling under the symptoms of this ghastly flu that seems to be going around. Three days later & I'm still not well, Max also has it, with Tim & Adi not 100% either. So no birthday 'party' this weekend, I'm hoping for lots of sunshine & sleep.


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