Wednesday, September 3, 2008

celebrations and more sickness

We celebrated Adelaide's first birthday on Sunday, just our family, some cake, a few gifts & lots of kisses for the birthday girl. I had set up the side board with some photos of Adi taken over the past year & we had been looking at them throughout the week, much to Max's fascination.

Max helped me make a banana cake in the morning, and Adi knew just what to do with it when the time came.

I also managed to sew up a few summer outfits, the Ottobre pants (1/2008- Suzette) and another swing top with matching bloomers.

Sunday evening then just fell apart with Adi waking at about 11:30 & we were unable to settle her again for the rest of the evening (she only seemed to relax if I was carrying her sitting!). Suffice to say Monday morning I served the kids left over banana cake for breakfast before again falling under the symptoms of this ghastly flu that seems to be going around. Three days later & I'm still not well, Max also has it, with Tim & Adi not 100% either. So no birthday 'party' this weekend, I'm hoping for lots of sunshine & sleep.


Kate said...

I just made some Suzette pants too - great pattern.

katef - said...

What a gorgeous baby photo among the blossoms... I love that set up! Happy birthday to your gorgeous little one and I hope the germs leave your house really soon!

blackie said...

I think it takes a lot longer to get over these bugs when you've got kids, less time to rest and recouperate. Hope you get some rest time this weekend.

We also had one of those nights last night, P woke at 11.30 as well and was up for 2 hours, would only let me hold her, yada yada....everyone's very tired today.

Bloomin beaut bloomers.


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