Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gifts, health, walks, yum cha, sleep

I think I'm safe to say this flu has nearly run it's course.

Normality is slowly returning.

I haven't been that sick in years. It makes me appreciate being healthy all over again.

The most challenging part was dealing with two small children all day while feeling drained of all my energy. It was actually easier when Max was sick & whingey, because at least he was satisfied with cuddling up & reading stories. Adelaide was either protected by the breastmilk or is way more stoic than her brother as she wasn't struck down with it like the rest of us. In a way the timing was OK as Adi started walking while I was sick, & as well as being very chuffed with her new outlook & independence, she is exhausting herself & finally sleeping (TWO day sleeps, and much longer stints at night - one night she SLEPT THROUGH!)

Not being able to get out of the house was the second most annoying factor. Besides a quick dash to the chook house or (on a good day) out the back gate into the reserve to throw the ball for the stir-crazy dog we have been at home..........slowly....going......batty. There was one outing to Coles that destroyed me for the rest of the day.

Yesterday Hill Street Grocer called to say we had a gift box to collect. Tim ventured out with the kids to return with a box full of fresh fruit, pre-made meals, chocolate & treats for the deli! My amazing folks had organised it from their little island in the middle of nowhere, THANK YOU!

It was the turning point, the kids polished of the strawberries in a flash & Tim and I ate something that wasn't a variation of 'beans on toast'.

I even dragged out the gocco (recently re-supplied with bulbs & screens from MiharuShop's) and falshed & printed up these gift tags

So today started with letting Tim sleep in while I played with the kids before waking him with breakfast in bed

We managed a few chores before all heading out into the rain for a blast of fresh air & a gentle walk up the Lenah Valley track, followed by yum cha, a family soak in the bath & an early night for the little ones (& maybe for me if I get going!)


Kate said...

I am glad you are recovering - not being able to get out of the house is the worst thing.

blackie said...

glad you're feeling more sprightly, sounds like it was a doozy.

Your folks are on maatsyker? Wow! I'd love to go there for a sojourn sometime.

Happy strolling.

13mimosa said...

We had similar thoughts in mind on father's day I see. Thanks for educating me too, about your parents home, I learned something new today!


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