Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the sun shines

Max walked out of his bedroom this morning and his first words were "Frank?" "Frank's chalk?". Our friend (lets call him Frank) was over for dinner last night & gave this chalk to the kids.

new chalk

While I took on the nappy bucket.....

washing -before

They got to work on the chalkboard, all of this before breakfast

craft before breakfast

The washing seems so much easier when you can hang it outside

washing -after

A few great finds in the local op shop, this skier smocked dress is my favourite, joining the growing collection of little vintage dresses for Adi to grow into.

ski dress

ski dress-detail1

Some great tablecloths & this linen tea towel. Everyone is spring cleaning so I of course instead of taking on my own spring cleaning battle I thought I'd go out & gather up what the others are discarding! The windows can wait!

vintage irish linen tea towel

Lots of gardening getting done around here, and to top it all of this fabric parcel many summer clothes to be little time!

fabric package

I'll have to tackle a few chores tomorrow so the place looks sort of tidy when everyone comes over for some of Adi's belated birthday cake on Saturday.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Are the chalks from Mercurious? They look so familiar? The tea towel you found is just lovely. I so would have bought that as well. I also love the fabrics in the bottom photo. I recently used a similar mermaid fabric for a bag that my daughter takes to school. Just lovely.

beccasauras said...

Oh, the skier dress is great! Handmade? Who would have thought skiing and smocking go well together? Haha. I had a lot of tiny versions of them from when my sister was a baby- they fit my fat baby at about 2 months and she looked ridiculous! My sister was much more petite and wore them when she was walking! (She now has size 10 feet- go figure).

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oh that chalk is beautiful. I'd be wanting to draw with it before breakfast too!


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