Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sewing & gardening .....when children sleep!

The kids spring/summer wardrobe expansion continues, I made these pants for Adi, the pattern was cut from a favourite pair of pants Max had. The cut is really good so I'm about to attempt to re-size the pattern to fit Max (any tips welcome). Of course the photo was taken after she wore them to playgroup....they are covered in food & a bit of pen ink.....the fabric (from an old curtain) is great for hiding a days play.

I made them so they will fit for a while, she needs the cuff turned up at the moment (to ensure a sufficient quantity of sand makes its way home from playgroup). This really was the best photo I could get of her wearing them.

Adelaide went to bed at 9am and she is still asleep 3 hours later! This is an all time record. While I did plan to go out & get some things done this morning, I used the time to get some gardening done, for my records I planted out snowpeas, more poppies, lettuce & weeded the garlic.

The plumber also came this morning to move the plumbing in the laundry. My parents arrive back on Monday - in a helicopter - Max is almost beside himself with the anticipation of it. They have kindly offered to install the IKEA cupboards we have had downstairs for about 2 years (perhaps even longer!) I'm imagining not having to fight my way into a tiny room to put a load of washing on.

Summer is just around the corner, I know this not because of the weather lately but because the visitors are starting to arrive.....another good reason for some Spring cleaning (so we can fit them in!)


simplelife said...

Love those pants. What is it that stops us from wearing great stuff like that as we get older? Maybe it's only me who has stopped! Wish I could sew and had the courage to make and wear something like that.

cheers Kate

66 Stitches said...

These pants are delightful. i love the fabric. Well done ofn the freezer paper stencil above. It's great.


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