Thursday, September 25, 2008


Inspired by the Hoppo Bumpo stencil- along I've been working on a few possible designs, of course I made the 'mistake' of asking Max what he wanted on a t-shirt......"DIGGERS"......."BIG DIGGERS!" What was I thinking!

My freezer paper order arrived today (from Punch with Judy). I've enough to last me a life time!

Despite having read Hoppo Bumpo's very well researched summary of using freezer paper for stenciling I ploughed straight into it tonight, ignoring all that sage advice (no pre-washing, peeled the paper off 2 minutes after get the picture). I used this rather PINK shirt I picked up for $3 from Big W a while back. I'm still not sure if Adi will ever wear this in public but it was the closest thing to hand. The dino design is one I used a while back, at that time I cut it out of some scrap vinyl.

The paper stuck really well

The dishwashing sponge also did the trick

I'm thinking of adding some green grass or prehistoric trees to attempt to drown out the PINK!

Despite peeling the paper of rather pronto, the stencil worked out just fine.

I'm glad I did this before venturing off to look at everyone else's, especially this one! I'm looking forward to the mighty DIGGERS taking out the tally count (I'll be keeping the cement truck very quiet from Max)


Hoppo Bumpo said...

I love your dino; it looks terrific! The shape looks great ... especially with those intricate bits round the hands (do dinosaurs have hands?) and teeth.

I can't wait to see the digger - it sounds like diggers will dominate in week 3! Heaven on a stick for a little boy.

Well that's one stencil down and only 149 square feet of freezer paper to go!

Kate said...

Great dino - it turned out great!

katef - said...

oh I've always wanted to try this but me and cutting neatly just don't go together - so I will settle for admiring your awesomeness!

13mimosa said...

I must look up this darned stuff, I know everyone talks about it - life's too busy in melbourne this weekend. Even not being a footy chick I'm excited, I think it's because i think shane crawford's cute!

blackie said...

Diggers, well what else! I keep meaning to try the stencil paper thing, thanks for the demo.

I like how you have de-girled the t shirt by adding the dino to the extreme pinkness.

Bellgirl said...

Ooh nice dino! I especially like the colour sceme, it's one of my favorites.


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