Thursday, October 16, 2008

cooking for 1, washing for many

We dropped Tim at the airport last night for a 2 day work trip. The night went surprisingly smoothly as Max was asleep by the time we got home (he had eaten already). He stayed asleep as I changed him & put him in bed. ONE DOWN. Addie finished her dinner, I feed her & off to sleep she went. TWO DOWN! With the evening stretching out before me I rustled up some dinner, watched Spicks & Specks, called a few people & then loitered around the sewing machine, finishing off some Etsy orders. If only every night was like that!

I finally made a start on the (mountain of) hand washing yesterday. These were mostly knits that Addie has worn this last winter. Some will now be stored away as they will not fit her next winter. This was my final look at them for a while. Max does not have as many knits as he is slightly obsessed with fluff. He has destroyed many a fine hand knitted jumper by biting the yarn until he pulls large loops out & breaks off sections. Max can still regularly be found with a wad of fluff, yarn or a dust 'tumbleweed' (the jackpot) in his mouth. I can now find this quirk amusing but I have been driven mad by his fluff chewing in the past (he has to be in a pram if I want to go into a fabric shop, I need to vacuum regularly and my mohair blanket has been packed away, perhaps for good!)


simplelife said...

Mmmm your dinner looked very delish. Mind sharing your recipe?
The washing looked great too, but not edible! I loved the shadows on the brickwork behind the woollens.

cheers kate

Angie said...


I'm not sure I could call it a recipe but here's what I recall from it (stir fries are a common menu item around here):

Tofu: fried lightly with sesame oil, splash some tamari (type of soy sauce) in at the end & tofu will soak it up.

Cut up heaps of Asian greens (we are lucky to grow some & have the Hmong at Salamanca markets to buy from)

Slice some spring onions - these have rescued many a dodgy stir fry - for sprinkling on top

I always have a big jar of roasted peanuts, they are cheap from the Asian grocer & you can roast them yourself. These add crunch.

Stir fry the greens, I usually use some tamari, a bit of oyster sauce & some Chinese cooking wine (if it needs it)

Throw it all in a bowl & call it dinner!

Fresh coriander always helps.

simplelife said...

Thanks it sounds great, much simpler than my stirfys.
cheers Kate


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