Friday, October 31, 2008

Garden - warning - way too many photos!

Realising I only have about 4 weeks until we leave for 'the mainland' has motivated me to get out in the garden in the vain hope something will still be alive & edible when we return in the new year.

The front garden bed:

I rendered & painted (ignore that dodgy join!) this wall a couple of years ago & planted out the bed with natives. After seeing how much sun the space got I started moving the natives to other garden beds & decided to use it for fruit & berries. As you can see it is still fairly empty.

I have planted a couple of blueberry bushes that are starting to take off

This self seeded native lily was too pretty to move & looks great against the blue wall. This is a great native plant for dry areas & as you can see from the top photo it easily seeds & you can have lots of these around the garden. My plan is to dig up these little lilies & plant them out in the barren space in front of our hedge.

I've transplanted several sunflower seedlings along this wall in the hope we have a quick fill in over summer. The long term plan is to have a grape vine growing on some type of trellis (or a mosaic or a bike sculpture if you ask Tim). This bed has a soaker hose under the mulch that the bath water empties through. We don't use soap or shampoos in the bath so it is fine for this (it uses one of those really cheap water diverter things that you put in the inspection hole of the outlet pipe)

The back veggie patch:

There are about 4 garden beds out the back (probably the limit I can maintain). Because we have heavy clay, all the beds are raised & have been built up over the years with compost, sheep poo, mushroom compost, lime , pea straw & anything else I could get my hands on. One of the biggest problems is keeping the dog, the blackbirds & Max out. I've found the best solution is old bird cages, they are cheap (from our local tip shop), easy to move around & generally big enough so that Max doesn't move them around. I've also just ordered some holographic owls in the hope they scare the blackbirds away (the plastic snakes scare visitors but not blackbirds).

This old bike is acting as a trellis for the peas to climb (if they dog would stop digging them out!)

The broadbeans are growing well, unfortunately our house sitter doesn't like them & most will be ready when he is here!

And my favourite patch is always the garlic which supplies us with fresh garlic for about 9 months of the year. I've also found a few rogue plants in the other beds that I think Max planted...they are massive.

The rhubrb survives no matter how neglectful I am - much to Tim's disappointment. This little patch supplies a few neighbours with rhubarb aplenty.

The bird cage protecting the strawberries

The silverbeet tree trying to shade out the cumquat, I let a couple go to seed like this as I keep picking the leaves off for the chooks as they don't get out that much because they wreck havoc on the garden.
The currants are looking good as well, these will need to be netted while we are away so we can make some cordial when I get back.

And lastly my new garden bed, it's in the chook pen & I plan to grow things that the chooks can pick off as they grow through the wire. That was the plan until I planted basil seeds in there this week...part of the grand pesto plan!

This week it is planting time for the tomatoes (now that we are past Hobart show day)


Joanne said...

Inspiring! Makes me want to get out in mine!

Jedda said...

Hi Im doing the veg about too. Wow your garden looks fantastic and that bird cage over the veggie idea is a winner It looks chook proof. We have chooks, just four little ones (bantams) but Ive decided to fence in our veggies instead of the chooks!

Heart Felt said...

What a lovely the bike! xx

Leah said...

love the garden! we have chooks and a vegie garden too, so much fun for the kids! Your etsy store is very cute too!

Michelle said...

What a lovely garden! Love the idea of the bird cages - I use old white wire baskets from the tip shop for my plants - not nearly as stylish..

blackie said...

wow, you have been busy! impressive garden, mine is mostly weeds and a few fruit trees that thrive despite my neglect. I seem only able to commit to herbs and succulents unfortunately. Blueberries = YUM! I'm sure the little peeps of the household will enjoy foraging for those.

Juddie said...

lovely lovely lovely! I wish I were down there, 'cause I love broad beans and ours didn't survive this year. I like your idea of protecting the plants with cheap birdcages - I have a few empty hanging baskets used as plant guards but was wondering what else I could try.
I also love the bike trellis :-)

Bird Bath said...

such a wonderful garden.we had roaming chooks a couple of years ago, they ate everything.
I'm feeling the urge to start up a veg garden now that the chooks are gone -but it will be a long term project...did your garden take long to establish?

Bellgirl said...

Wow, it looks glorious! I use birdages too, to keep the possums off.

And that lily is just beautiful, especially against your wall. BTW I've just posted a sidebar button for the Veg About, it's here:

Bellgirl said...

btw thanks, I'd love that jocks pattern! My email is amo (at] zoic (dot] org


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