Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get out of my head

An idea for my next freezer paper stencil has been floating around in my head ever since I saw this whole cloth quilt over at angry chicken. I initially thought I'd try a 2 colour print but after tucking Max up in bed last night under this quilt I made for him, it came to me that simple really would be better (& simpler!). It says a lot that this project seemed easier than finally making a digger stencil!

So finally this was my attempt at creating a cheater quilt using freezer paper (I originally had the fabric cut the size of a cot quilt, but considering I started this at 11 last night it was quickly downsized!

It's basically a whole lot of wonky strips cut with a rotary cutter & ruler, straight from the roll.

As is generally the case, I was in such a rush to get this done (due to equal doses of excitement & tiredness) that I didn't worry too much about getting perfect corners, I figured the bold print would encourage viewing from a distance rather than up close.

The trusty dish washing sponge (not the grungy one from the sink) worked fine for printing, if you don't mind a red finger.

And the result, I'm pleased with how this turned out & it was way faster than Max's original quilt which seemed to take forever.

Lessons learned from this freezer paper adventure:
  1. divide your fabric up into squares & work on each one individually
  2. ironing on the bumpy rug in the lounge doesn't give the best results
  3. fabric paint comes of new laundry bench tops surprisingly easily!


Ellieboo said...

That looks fantastic - love it. And you answered a question I had too - I have been trying to by a sponge brush but have given up trying to find one and wondered last night if a kitchen sponge would do? Obviously, yes it will.

2paw said...

That is so clever!! It looks fabulous: I love your tips, especially the one about ironing on a bunpy rug!!

Juddie said...

Wow! What a great idea - and it produced a wonderful effect! Very inspiring :-)

Heart Felt said...

That looks fantastic! Well done, love the colour. xx

katef - said...

oooh that looks ace and I think I could probably manage to cut those patterns LOL!
I got my package in the mail yesterday - thanks so much... I have big dreams for that little stash of freezer paper.. just not sure if I can pull them off!!!!

62cherry said...

WOW! that looks fab


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