Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The laundry reno....nearly there

While my parents have been the main workers on the tools, they have had a bit of help from the little people (not meaning you Tim!)

The only part of the house that looks tidy & serene at the moment.

TO DO list for the rest of the week (for my benefit not yours)

put handles on laundry cupboards
pack stuff into laundry cupboards
reduce the mountain of washing that has accumulated in the past week with no washing machine
digger stencil
attempt experimental stencil
sew some orders & send
plant out seedlings

I could go on (and on, and on.............)


Kate said...

Hi Angie - I just used the paper screens for the gocco - I think the fabric ones are for when you want to screenprint.

Tristan said...

lovely little mantlepiece display.

I used to be such a big list writer. I still am, but these days I just end up embarrassing myself at how little I manage to cross off. Not to mention the fact thatthe same things keep appearing ont the lists week after week.

potty mouth mama said...

Oh how exciting!! I can only imagine how exciting a new laundry would be - storage, storage, storage!


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