Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Saturday

My Saturday:

Woke up at 5am, brought Adi into our bed for a morning feed, drifted back to sleep.

Slept in until at least 9!!!!!

Cooked and ate breakfast uninterrupted as the kids played with their cousin.

Took all the kids in to the markets.

Sat in the glorious sunshine while they ran around.

Splashed our feet in the Salamanca Square fountain (phone camera shooting B&W after Max had a little 'go' - see bottom photo)

Filled our bags with Asian greens, fresh asparagus & of course tangellos.

Arrived home with 2 sleeping children.

Enjoyed the sunshine with Tim while children slept & house was empty.

Said our farewells as our guests departed.

Put the rest of the laundry cupboard handles on.

Hung the screen door on the back....hoping for a fly-free house this week!

Took some photos of the goodies I scored at the op shop this week:

this sewing basket, filled with miscellaneous sewing items & these three pairs of scissors (now all in being sharpened)

This beautiful linen tablecloth, destined to be a pair of pants for Max.

While I'm on roll, this patch was cut from a shirt that was in the 50c basket (it was missing a button), I like the Japanese look of the print.

I also managed to re-size the pattern from these pants to fit Max. Despite being toilet trained & a 'big boy' he reluctantly let me put a cloth nappy on him to check the pants would still fit (they did). I made the prototype from a vintage cotton sheet; nice & light-weight so perfect for the current weather. That thing around his neck is our version of a dribble catcher. It's basically a left over head wrap (from the days I had a market stall in Sydney - I got a bunch of these in a swap with another stall holder). They are great for catching dribble, you just turn them around when they are wet - they dry quickly & look much better than a bib on older kids.

Now I'm off to do some cutting out & elastic threading over a cup of tea.

My Saturday: perfect

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