Tuesday, October 21, 2008

picnic - part 2

What a day. I decided to ride (bicycle) in with the kids to the Teddy Bear's picnic, it's an easy downhill run from our place. Max was excited that Tim was there as well. Our picnic blanket was placed not far from the visiting police car which was not so good after some kid found the horn & honked for ages before moving on to the siren switch....not so cute after 15 minutes of it! The rain sort of held out until the end, when there was a mass exodus of prams.

Max was really not that interested in the activities provided & Addie slept - the bike ride usually sends her to sleep. The highlight was when Max spied this digger working in another section of the garden. Nothing like standing around in the rain watching a digger at work (apparently!)

By the time we finally made it home (in the rain) they were both asleep. I parked them on the deck & went in to get changed & have a well earned cup of tea. When I went to check Addie was awake & happily 'eating' this apple, she has perfected the bite-chomp-and-spit-out-the-skin technique - check out the well of apple bits under her chin.

1 comment:

beccasauras said...

So cute, same apple as the previous blog? And matching apple bib....making apple chips, yummy. Very cute.


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