Friday, October 3, 2008

Stash - recently washed fabrics, some stenciling, some sewing, too much Tony Delroy

What a week! My parents are busy installing our laundry, Tim's sister & niece are staying with us for the week (so nice to watch the kids with their cousin & Aunt). It has been a bit hectic as I've been staying up late most nights finishing off things or just having some kid-free time. I know it's really time to get to bed when it feels like I've been listening to Tony Delroy for a couple of hours

These are some recently washed fabrics from my stash, ready to now be used to make some spring/summer clothes for Max (these ones were all bought new).

This echino plane fabric is soon to be made into an overdue baby quilt (the quilt is overdue, not the baby who landed on time over 3 months ago now!), I finally found some 'matching' linen today.

While I haven't managed to do a digger stencil yet, I did finish these pajamas for Max. I've also discovered - thanks Dad - that what I've been telling Max is a digger (anything big & yellow) is actually a loader, so back to the drawing board for my stencil.

Tim's niece is 12 tomorrow, I did manage a freezer paper stencil with/for her. Who knew skull & crossbones were so big at the moment.

Following on from the success of the singlet above, I found this pink medusa fabric on clearance & made her a bag (first attempt at a bag...& perhaps my last!). Yet to see if she will like it, her mum assures me she will love the fabric! The fabric was from the quilting section, EEEK imagine a quilt from that!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great stash and I love your latest stencil. The skull and crossbones look excellent!

I laughed when I read the bit about the loader and digger. After I sewed this digger bag for the boys to keep their toy diggers in, Mr HB reliably informed them that it was in fact a backhoe loader. I felt a bit deflated!

I too am having trouble finding a suitable digger for a stencil (you'll see later today, that I went for a tractor this week!).

beccasauras said...

Love the pj's, and the bag is great- you're right, though, imagine a quilt! girls and 'pirates'- strange.

I've tagged you as a favourite blog, not sure how to send the link on here, but hopefully you get the idea! Passing on is optional, of course.

13mimosa said...

I am feeling so inadequate these days, everyone else is so productive - what's wrong with me?!

Christie said...

OMG, I LOVE that car fabric!

Bird Bath said...

wow to the goldfish fabric!

RheLynn said...

Gorgeous fabrics - especially the fish one. Love your little apple/pea swing top on Etsy. What a great use for a cute vintage fabric!


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