Friday, October 24, 2008

Time in the garden

Even though we are heading off to the mainland for Christmas this year, the garden still needs a bit of work so (hopefully) when we return there is something to eat. I'll be planting out seedlings this weekend & the kids can have a go at transplanting some of the sunflowers that are popping up down the back.

At the moment we have artichokes galore, I just need to think of what else to do with them this year. We usually just boil & eat with olive oil & vinegar. I might try to preserve some.

Of course there is always way to much silverbeet!

We have also been visited by some of these rosellas this week.

Before they were promptly scared off by our resident wattle bird.

With a bit of luck they will persist & return.


Joanne said...

Great garden & lovely birds. We had kookaburras pass through a couple of weeks ago but the wattlebirds chased them off. I've never heard kookaburras in this part of town before.

Bellgirl said...

Wow, fabulous artichokes! Would you like to join the Veg Along?:

Kate said...

Great artichokes! I really must get organised and plant some stuff this week.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Big silverbeet or small child? Or both?!

Those wattlebirds are beautiful, but cranky!

Ellieboo said...

Love the picture of the littley with silverbeet - too cute.


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