Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 more sleeps......

I've changed the battery but this thing is going way too fast!

The days are just getting away on me. It has been a very busy couple of weeks, visitors, a Martha Wainwright gig, surprises, belated spring cleaning, garden planting, garden harvesting, final catch ups with friends, birthday parties, picnics and thankfully enough quiet moments throughout the days to keep me sane....moments like Addie taking Dad to check for eggs

Max is ramping-up the holiday talk...here he has come from riding his bike down the back of the yard to ask me again "Going on holy-days soon?" "Dads coming? Mums coming? Max coming? Addie coming?" Again I answer yes to all questions & off he goes again with a huge smile on his face, muttering something about a boat. He was back again in 10 minutes!

My parents were in town for 4 days which is always exciting for everyone as we have no family in Hobart so it means rare moments of child-free opportunities. Even if we spent most of the time getting things around the yard & house ready for when we go away. Mum also harvested the garlic......such a great crop for growing in Hobart (it needs the cold & handles long periods of neglect) The smell was amazing & the fresh bulbs are delicious, bursting with moisture & real garlic power....you use much less than the Chinese stuff from the supermarket. Tim cursed his way through plaiting it up & it's ready to be hung downstairs for storage.

My list of things to complete is being rationalised everyday as I realise more & more things are not going to get done before we leave on Friday morning to catch the ferry. It's nice and still surprisingly satisfying to just rub jobs off the whiteboard, knowing we did our best to get most of it done.

There has been some sewing in amongst it all, finishing orders & also presents. This little frock was my first use of an Oliver & S patterns. I dropped the bubble skirt as it brought back too many bad memories of my own fashion disasters. The pattern was easy to use & the dress fast to make. I'll have a go at the scalloped edge using a plain fabric & I plan to order some more of their patterns....perhaps when the Australian dollar improves! I wish there was some kind of pattern library or pattern sharing website!

I also finally sent off for tickets to the CircusFest. The calender for 2009 is already filling up, with another trip to the mainland planned, this time so I can see Leonard (I'm managing to keep my excitment over this fairly well under wraps while the holiday preparations consume most of my time......but the truth be known I'd swap my entire garlic crop & most of the fabric in our house to see Leonard playing live)

Now to go & read all the blogs I've missed lately!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

lovely rain!

It's raining, great for my newly planted tomatoes.

The morning was lovely & clear and we caught up with friends at the markets while the kids played around the fountain. Just as we made it home the rain started so Max & I baked a pear cake while Tim tidied up in preparation of some afternoon guests. There's nothing quite like sipping tea, eating freshly baked cake while the rain comes down. Most of the cake is now gone & the tidying up has been undone...back to normal.

The camping mat has been very popular, here Max tests it out before I've even finished. It has however inspired even more talk of our holiday. I'm not sure Max really has the concept of what a holiday is (except that it involves a big boat!). On Friday after I said our holidays would be here soon he got very excited telling everyone at playgroup that holidays were coming to his house....hmmmm.

Another project finished this week was Max's new crown, this one made from wool felt & with elastic at the back so it should fit for a good while yet. Now to finish all those other W'sIP!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I heart Linen

But who doesn't! My trouble is I can't get my hands on the stuff in Hobart. Spotlight carries a linen blend very occasionally but it's not the same. So I've finally discovered a source....the op shop! It all started as I passed the 'plus size' rack and spied a tent dress made of shot linen...the fabric was gorgeous & the style was very ordinary so I grabbed it to cut up and use. Since that visit I've been checking out the plus size racks religiously and getting a nice little collection of linen.

Even better is that it's cheap, recycles ugly garments & the 'fabric' usually comes with matching buttons, hems ready to use, pockets & all sorts of other features that you can use. I started simple, making a pair of linen pants for Max. This is the same pattern I 'drafted' a while back & it is proving very versatile. This time I left the front flat & kept the elastic at the back. They were a bit big so the pleats were added later.

I used the original hem & there was also a side seam from the original dress that I used down the back of one leg. Honestly these took about half an hour to make...my kind of pants!

And the best thing is there is still oodles left for another project, I'm thinking of some kind of simple frock for Addie that uses the front opening (buttons up) as the back & incorporates the open pleats ....more on that another day.

Max is getting VERY excited about our approaching holiday, he talks of it OFTEN. Today on the sewing list is to finish off an etsy shop order (hopefully my last before I close up) & make some kind of cover for Max's thermarest.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday Stash - Chartreuse

This is a colour I'm really into at the moment! These are a few from the stash that go with this chartreuse love-in....

this lovely piece of vintage fabric from

Heather Bailey mermaids

I could use bolts of this Anna Maria Horner fabric (when the Australian dollar improves) ...

The mushroom fabric that everyone must have a piece of since it was the most decent fabric Spotlight had in a while back!

This Echino planes fabric....about to finally be made up into a simple cot quilt for a long overdue baby present.

I have to think of a way to combine these three, all purchased at the same time without thought as to them coordinating until I opened the bag at home.

More fabric here...
Thanks Tamara

Stitch Stitch

Snip snip

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pinnie project

So this was another wee frock made for Addie recently, the pattern is getting closer to how I want it, although I did have to use studs after not adding the extra length for buttons at the shoulder. The studs make it much easier for dressing a wiggly 1 year old & would work well if I made the dress reversible. This fabric was a little piece picked up at the op shop for 50c.

In fact a reversible dress would be good for those occasions your brother volunteers you to be face-painted (after chickening out himself) & you've eaten half a watermelon!

I'm off to do a bit more snipping to make a few more Addie frocks for our summer holiday, perhaps something with a cap sleeve to protect our Tassie winter skin.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A better day

It seems I was not alone in my baking frenzy yesterday!

Listening to John McCain's & then Obama's speeches I felt a little teary, a whole lot joyous & tremendously optimistic about the approaching year. While I can at times get lost in the tedium of cleaning the house, paying the bills, cooking the meals, etc, etc I do like to keep one eye on what is going on in the world. Yesterday I felt flooded with relief just listening to the news of long queues forming around polling booths. Sitting down to a cup of tea after the Obama win I couldn't help but survey the garden with a sense that things were changing for the better, the kids got extra long hugs, the chooks extra corn and the dog an extra long ball-chasing session.

* photo clipped to exclude the mountain of washing on the table waiting to be folded

Perhaps it was the Stephanie inspired panforte but I'm still smiling, despite being up at 5 to take Tim to the airport for a 3 day work trip. At least we have yummy homemade sourdough bread to eat......

and I've made a little dint in the Christmas gift list - that pile of goodness behind the bread!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Baking for Obama*

*it's very similar to barracking for Obama but you have something to eat at the end of it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hobart Life & more op shop finds

What a perfect Hobart weekend we've had. It all started with Tim taking the kids on the critical mass bike ride Friday evening, while I wondered around town child-free. We then lazed around Salamanca square for a while before taking 2 tired children home to their beds. The weather was perfect for the one year old birthday party which mostly involved laying under a walnut tree eating cake, sipping Champagne & homemade ginger beer and swinging a hammock filled with children.

I rode the kids into the Sustainability Expo on Sunday morning for a look around before we met up with Tim & headed down to the local Stiener school spring fair for some yummy lunch and more general mooching about. Not a lot of planting went on but really the weather was not that suitable so Max & I will do some today when Addie sleeps as it's nice & mild for young plants to go in. The warm weather over the weekend also meant Addie got to wear the top I made for her birthday & just a pair of trainer pants - she is obsessed with the pottie at the moment.

In addition to the horse from the last post, here are the other op shop goodies found last week:

Another table cloth destined to be used for clothing, maybe even a skirt for myself.

this great playrug/quilt

A cross stitch book. I'm not into cross stitch but the patterns were very cute!

And my favourite.....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

op-shop horse and printed fish

After seeing Blackie's post this morning I thought I'd also show our little op-shop horse find. I like the idea of these 2 horses being bought in 2 different op-shops in the same town in the same week.

I finally got around to trying the gocco paper screens out on fabric again, I went through many scraps of fabric before finally getting this print for a 1 year old's birthday party today. I had no idea taking a photo of black on red was so difficult!


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