Thursday, November 6, 2008

A better day

It seems I was not alone in my baking frenzy yesterday!

Listening to John McCain's & then Obama's speeches I felt a little teary, a whole lot joyous & tremendously optimistic about the approaching year. While I can at times get lost in the tedium of cleaning the house, paying the bills, cooking the meals, etc, etc I do like to keep one eye on what is going on in the world. Yesterday I felt flooded with relief just listening to the news of long queues forming around polling booths. Sitting down to a cup of tea after the Obama win I couldn't help but survey the garden with a sense that things were changing for the better, the kids got extra long hugs, the chooks extra corn and the dog an extra long ball-chasing session.

* photo clipped to exclude the mountain of washing on the table waiting to be folded

Perhaps it was the Stephanie inspired panforte but I'm still smiling, despite being up at 5 to take Tim to the airport for a 3 day work trip. At least we have yummy homemade sourdough bread to eat......

and I've made a little dint in the Christmas gift list - that pile of goodness behind the bread!


Michelle said...

Lovely post. Yesterday was a great day.

Did you make that sourdough bread??!! Wow! It looks soooo good! Who needs Jackman & McRoss?

Bellgirl said...

Oooh, yummy! was that recipe the one you used? It looks like it worked really well! If it is, I might put it in a corporate free Christmas post.


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