Thursday, November 13, 2008

I heart Linen

But who doesn't! My trouble is I can't get my hands on the stuff in Hobart. Spotlight carries a linen blend very occasionally but it's not the same. So I've finally discovered a source....the op shop! It all started as I passed the 'plus size' rack and spied a tent dress made of shot linen...the fabric was gorgeous & the style was very ordinary so I grabbed it to cut up and use. Since that visit I've been checking out the plus size racks religiously and getting a nice little collection of linen.

Even better is that it's cheap, recycles ugly garments & the 'fabric' usually comes with matching buttons, hems ready to use, pockets & all sorts of other features that you can use. I started simple, making a pair of linen pants for Max. This is the same pattern I 'drafted' a while back & it is proving very versatile. This time I left the front flat & kept the elastic at the back. They were a bit big so the pleats were added later.

I used the original hem & there was also a side seam from the original dress that I used down the back of one leg. Honestly these took about half an hour to kind of pants!

And the best thing is there is still oodles left for another project, I'm thinking of some kind of simple frock for Addie that uses the front opening (buttons up) as the back & incorporates the open pleats ....more on that another day.

Max is getting VERY excited about our approaching holiday, he talks of it OFTEN. Today on the sewing list is to finish off an etsy shop order (hopefully my last before I close up) & make some kind of cover for Max's thermarest.


Ellieboo said...

I do exactly the same - linen is so expensive so why not get it from the bargain bucket at the op shop. Looks like you done pretty well - I have only found one suitable linen piece so far.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a great idea - had never thought of looking for linen at the oppie. Fantastic pants.

Michelle said...

Oh lovely pants. I've asked for linen at Spotlight before and they've looked at me very strangely. Tomorrow is op shop day so I'll be looking for linen in the valley.

Juddie said...

Thanks for getting back to me, Angie! We're leaving this afternoon and are very excited about our Tassie trip.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday too :-)

Bird Bath said...

wow, that linen will go a long way... and the colour is lovely too! What a fantastic opportunity to upcycle.looking forward to see what else you use it for.


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