Saturday, November 15, 2008

lovely rain!

It's raining, great for my newly planted tomatoes.

The morning was lovely & clear and we caught up with friends at the markets while the kids played around the fountain. Just as we made it home the rain started so Max & I baked a pear cake while Tim tidied up in preparation of some afternoon guests. There's nothing quite like sipping tea, eating freshly baked cake while the rain comes down. Most of the cake is now gone & the tidying up has been undone...back to normal.

The camping mat has been very popular, here Max tests it out before I've even finished. It has however inspired even more talk of our holiday. I'm not sure Max really has the concept of what a holiday is (except that it involves a big boat!). On Friday after I said our holidays would be here soon he got very excited telling everyone at playgroup that holidays were coming to his house....hmmmm.

Another project finished this week was Max's new crown, this one made from wool felt & with elastic at the back so it should fit for a good while yet. Now to finish all those other W'sIP!


2paw said...

Wasn't the rain lovely?? Your pear cake looks very delicious too!!

Heart Felt said...

Yum, that looks beautiful! I love the little crown - wondeful. xx

beck said...

Love the crown! I'm sure he will have years of fun with it, better than a plastic one too. Just found your blog, will pop back x

MRS MJW said...

That is just great. What a wonderful crown.


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