Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative Space....where (scattered throughout the house), when (not all that often)

Creating anything beyond 3 meals a day can be a challenge in itself so it's good to get some inspiration from others via Kootoyoo who hosts "creative space"

This is one lot of jam made earlier this week (& finally moved off the bench today!) made from organic apricots given to us by friends.

Now to use up the rest of the fruit sitting around our kitchen. All of this free from our garden or neighbours trees or from those lovely overhanging branches in the neighbourhood.

I did manage to make it to the sewing machine tonight to sew up this little bib for a 'new' baby we have yet to meet. It is made from a vintage linen tablecloth & backed with toweling from an op-shop red towel.

And of course there was the gnocchi production line to create this evenings meal, me rolling, Max chopping & Addie putting chopped pieces into a bowl!


beccasauras said...

So cute, cooking with the kids! I don't have the patience, unfortunately. I tried to fix the links- see edited post for the answer. very frustrating as not able to fix it!

Kirsty said...

You've been very productive. All that fresh fruit looks wonderful.

Lulu said...

Yes, I find it a struggle to make the most of all the excess fruit etc around at this time of the year. But it is so worth it. You've done very well.

Cosy said...

Is that Spiderman in the kitchen? Glad to see a superhero can still help his mum.

Michelle said...

what a lovely post, all that handmade goodness!


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