Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I've been meaning to get back here for days now, I just never seem to get the chance.....and it's not as though I'm spending all my time cleaning the house or finding homes for all the new gear we arrived home with!

I have been spending time out in the garden trying to find various edible plants among the weeds that take over when you go on holidays for 5 weeks! I'll get around to updating my veg-about update some time the interim here is the before & after of the front garden bed (imagine how the weeds are in the veggie patch!). I know it's not really veg-about material but in amongst all those sunflowers are our blue berry bushes (only a wee handful of blueberries this year...all gobbled up by Max & Addie).

This was how it looked in the last week in November:

And now:
Can you see the blueberries cowering in their birdcages?? I discovered they are also good for protecting blueberries from rogue sunflowers that would like to grow horizontal & squash the yummy useful plants!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Blueberries would be lovely. Ours died about two months ago and I can't even claim it was lack of a birdcage. Sadly it involved negligence.

I can see now why Mr HB looks faint every time I say I would like to pop a few sunflowers in the garden Your's are very impressive!

Pen said...

i planted sunflowers last week, and we've spent most of today shoo-ing away a bush turkey that would like to build a nest in our small garden! horror! i need a plan to move it along back into the bush behind.
birdcages - i saw one at pottsville markets on sunday and should have bought it now that i remember what they are for!


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