Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday stash - goodies brought home from our holiday

Firstly apologies for the photos...I didn't realise until towards the end that there was a wee little smudgy finger print on the lens (I must remember not to give the camera to the kids to distract them!). This is a bit of an eclectic mix as it was bits & pieces to add to the stash that I picked up on our recent holiday.

Most of these were picked up in brief op-shop visits as once we were driving & Addie was asleep we couldn't afford to stop as she doesn't like the car so we had to drive while we could. So here goes......

This little kitting pattern book.......for when I learn to follow a pattern!

More patterns, some flannel for more winter PJ's & a selection of linen tea towels.

Some more zips to add to the collection.

This amazing orange wool from an incredible fabric shop in Benalla. I'll post a picture of this shop another time as it was amazing, everything was $5/m but you had to dig! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the bag that it came in.....bright pink with the following text "If you can't make it to Paris, try Benalla"

More vintage barkcloth and another great cotton sheet to cut up and use. The rolled up fabric is actually some indigo cotton or linen blend.

More folksy pieces for ..........something!!

These last few were given to me by Tim's mother, firstly this Kaffe Fassett jumper. I'm planning to remove the sleeves to make some baby pants & I'm not quite sure what I'll make the rest into yet.
This vintage trim, destined to be used on some new winter pants for the kids

And finally these Canary pinking shears...I've been looking to get a pair for ages & these are perfect in their original box!

And lastly some IKEA heavy cotton, just because.

Now I'm off to use some of this to make some much needed jigsaw puzzle holders before I drown in puzzle pieces, lucky I have all those zips to chose from!


Joanne said...

What a lot of treasure! Love the knitted doll clothes, the IKEA fabrics and...well, all of it!

Ha...the random word below is 'hordedu'. How did it know the post was about a horde??!!

sparklygreenknickers said...

What a haul! Did you have to leave someone behind to fit all of this in the car???

beccasauras said...

ooh, jealous big time! The pinking shears- gotta have em, and are they embroidery snips in the box too? Awesome. And the ribbon/trims, they are great. What a great load of stuff, all will be well used I'm sure!

Heart Felt said...

What great finds! Fantastic, look forward in seeing what you do with them all xx

Anina said...

Wow, that's quite a haul!

Rabbit and the Duck said...

Thanks for popping by my blog : ) Love those trims you found!

Marquita said...

So many pretty things. I'm willing to see what is coming up from them :-)


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