Monday, January 12, 2009

THAT really was a holiday!

We are finally back in Tasmania, back in our house, back home.

We had a wonderful holiday travelling around visiting friends & family. Because it was 5 weeks away we all slipped into holiday mode & stayed there until we returned!

I'm surrounded by bags still packed & new things that are yet to find a home so I'll give a really brief holiday summary!

We started with the much anticipated ferry ride, the kids loved it, I didn't get too sea sick & we all managed a bit of sleep so it was better than I had anticipated.

We had brunch (& a train ride) with friends in Melbourne before heading on to visit other friends for a couple of days in lovely Castlemaine.

We then spent a week camping with friends in Kosziosko National Park. It was brilliant: great weather, no marchflies, not many other campers, great walks, kangaroos & lots of sitting around the campfire at nights.

The next stop was South Coast NSW visiting Tim's family between Bateman's Bay & Bega. It was a time of extra sleep-ins ( have family around), watching the kids play with (or pester) their older cousins, beach picnics, canoeing, wheelbarrow rides, rope swings over the dam, Christmas feasts and much much more.

We celebrated Tim's birthday with his family & some friends from Hobart who were in that neck of the woods (sort of!) before we ventured back to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula to stay with friends & meet their new baby girl. Adelaide was obsessed with the "bebe"and was constantly looking to give her kisses & over-zealous cuddles!

A quick drive to Melbourne for where we stayed for a couple of nights to catch up with some Melbourne folk, take Max on the tram rides, the almost obligatory IKEA trip & general wandering/eating around St. Kilda, Prahan & Richmond before the day trip back to Tassie on the ferry.

After a couple of nights visiting friends in Launceston we finally made it home, the car packed to the rafters, the children weary & Tim and I looking forward to not sharing a room with the children for a good while to come (at least for some of the night)!!!!!

Already we have a bowls full of fruit that has been collected from the garden or on walks around the neighbourhood so it is time to start thinking about making jam & bottling fruit again....enough for one night


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Welcome back and happy new year!

What an amazing holiday - you did heaps! The camping trip looked like fun. I haven't been brave anough to try camping with the small folk yet.

cindy said...

Wow - you look like you might need a holiday from the holiday - What a great family time. Those kids are just gorgeous all tuckered out under on the matress.

Cosy said...

Your post is a wonderful overview of a great holiday! I'm a little bit tired just reading it. Bet you're glad to be home (to your own bed).

The children are gorgeous (toilet paper!).


pen said...

what a mammoth holiday, good on you! i hope some of your new purchases were from ikea.

Heart Felt said...

Looks like you and a great time, lovely pics...welcome back. xx

sparklygreenknickers said...

Sounds like a great time away. And what a spectacular tent you have!!!

13mimosa said...

Welcome home.


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