Thursday, January 22, 2009

When it's windy outside!

WOW, it's crazy-windy here today. We have virtually been inside all day thanks to insanely gusty weather that has shaken the deck roofing, ripped the mats off the trampoline, blown a bucket load of Midlands topsoil onto my wet washing and filled the yard with chip packets (courtesy of the school behind our place & the fact every parent in the neighborhood seems to only send their children to school with little chip packets - a rant for another day perhaps!)

It has been a day of inside projects after we had to seek shelter from our days 'building' activities mid-project. Max mostly entertained himself by drawing on the path while I sawed & drilled. I'm hoping this will look better & prevent the local cat for pooing under the stairs.....not the first thing you want to smell as you enter the house!

Once inside I decided to continue sorting/cleaning the kids room, something they enjoyed as initially it involved pulling everything out of the shelves to be sorted. The result was a much neater shelf and a mountain of outgrown clothes in the hallway to sort (another day?). We never got around to painting the kids room so I used my favourite technique of covering up holes & marks on the walls - by hanging pictures over them!

I found these frames this week at Target reduced from$27 to $3! They
were perfect for these pictures taken from an old vintage children's story book (it was already in pieces). They were a good size for covering dents in the walls that are beyond my spak-filler abilities.

I wish I could get a better photo of these but I'm no great photographer, they show a girl & her teddy at the beach for the day.

Over in Max's corner I added the 'counting' animal frieze (an op-shop find from last year) and an embroidery hoop with one of my favourite Kristen Doran prints.

I couldn't cut the birds nest panel so it's all taped up behind the hoop in case I want to use it for something else one day (I do have another 2, one of them destined to become an autumn dress for Addie)

This little op-shop find isn't covering any flaws but is about the cutest cross-stitch I've ever come across. Those little legs hanging down belong to a humpty dumpty that was knitted by Tim's mum when Tim was little.

And lastly I finally found a home for this dust-collector that has been trialled for many different purposes (buttons, jewelery). I got the idea from an old post (that I can no longer find) over at heart-felt. It is on the wall at kid-eye-height at the entrance to their room so I plan to put a variety or ever-changing bits & pieces in it, as in I put things in & the kids take them out & scatter them around the house, leaving room for other trinkets I may find in need of a home.


Joanne said...

You've given me some great ideas! I have quilt hoops that could be used as frames. I also have one of those divided trays (printer trays??). Funny I always wanted one and was over the moon when I found one at a garage sale. Now that I have it I can't find the right place for it. I like the idea of ever-changing surprises for children!

Michelle said...

We stayed inside all day too with that wind! Glad you had a productive day. I love those prints - so cute.

I've been on the hunt for printer tray for a while now for Elsa's ever changing collection of rocks.

Lulu said...

Thank you for sharing what you've been up to. I know what you mean about chips in kids lunches. It's been 20 years since I packed school lunches, but it was just as bad back then. Every kid had junk to eat, and the bins were full of sandwiches and fruit.

Rabbit and the Duck said...

Love your little box on the wall!


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