Saturday, February 21, 2009

February, Leonard & all that jazz

How can it nearly be the end of February?

There has been so much going on in our lives lately that I have wanted to blog about (before it evaporates from my pregnancy-diminished memory) but for now I'll do a quick (& picture heavy) round-up.

I traveled with the kids up to Northern NSW to visit my family & go see Leonard Cohen. We traveled light - carry on baggage only - it was great not to have to worry about picking up bags, etc & Max loved having his own pull-along suitcase. Traveling alone with the kids was much better than expected (*sigh* of relief!)

It was a whirlwind trip catching up with grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles. The kids loved spending time with their cousins & it was so nice to see them playing together now they are all getting a bit older.

There was splashing in puddles;

sandpit action;
and visiting my Nanna's farm. I love this photo, it reminds me of old photos taken of when we visited Nan's as kids. The light is always so beautiful there in the afternoons.

I also got to admire (with some envy) my mum's garden. I forget how lush this part of Australia can be, especially with everything looking rather dry in Tassie mid-summer. There was the rampant pumpkin vines;

the lush patch at the mum doesn't throw anything away & everything seems to end up as a pot, including old toilets!

the wonderful smells of frangipani;

and more basil than you could dream about, especially given our rather lackluster growing season here in Tasmania.

Max turned a corner & realised swimming (or at least playing in the water) could be fun. Of course warmer water had a lot to do with this (as did my Mum's persistence). We had several days at the beach...or more realistically at the kid-friendly river!

I'm going to try & keep the momentum up by taking the kids to the pool more often or booking them in to swimming lessons. My problem is I really dislike the chlorine-laden indoor swimming pool & I'm reluctant to add another scheduled activity to our life, especially with a newborn in the mix!

And then there was Leonard! It really was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and perhaps ever will. I'm forever grateful to my parents for babysitting & to Tim for arranging the tickets. I was very lucky as they were GREAT tickets that an old mate of Tim's for the cost of a (good) bottle of wine I saw Leonard with an old friend & her partner. It was a perfect, perfect, perfect concert.

A couple of days after arriving back in Tasmania, we were all on our way to the Circus Festival. It was a great weekend of camping with friends, watching performances & taking part in circus festivities. Although we didn't make it to the Bedouin Club (glamorous attire only) we could hear the music until the early hours of the morning - if we had have been awake! Of course all those with young kids got their revenge in the morning when the kids got to wake all those camped around them who did not have the foresight to pack earplugs.

And that was February to date, just a few more things to cram in...more sewing to update my Etsy shop, more jamming/bottling, my birthday, baby scans and getting plans in to Council to have a studio put in out the back of our place (a bigger sewing room...I mean a place for guests to stay!). I've also applied for a stall at the next Mothers Market, however I'm not holding out much hope as a friend told me not many casual stall holders get in.

Phew! That was a record long post!


Lulu said...

Wow, what a full life, you have been busy. My favourite photo would be the toddlers on the fence. Cute.

pen said...

yes it's so green up here and things do grown whilst you watch! i loved that photo of the kids on the fence, it made me feel teary, it's such a classic shot. am jealous about leonard, friends who went said 3 hours plus was amazing, they were mesmerised and entranced. lucky you.


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