Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stash - getting ready for winter

I did a quick scan of the shelves for winter-y fabrics to start making some pants for the kids plus to build up some extra stock. There was of course the mountains of corduroy that I always have on hand.....this lot below just being a small selection!

I found some wool (or wool blend) that will also be used for pants or jackets this coming winter. I need to get started on these sorts of things early as I have a habit of waiting too long to sew things in time for the current season. Luckily (in a warped kind of way) in Tasmania you can get all seasons in one day so everything still gets worn. All these wools are from op shops and look nothing like the photos! Our digital camera seems to have died (after 5 years of loyal service!) so I'm reliant on Tim's mobile at the moment.

This wool is very soft & grey in colour;

this wool is a pale blue that I will use to also make Adelaide a winter-weight tunic dress from;

and lastly this wool is sort of mottled black & white & will be great for pants (not itchy!)

While going through my shelves I realised how many unfinished projects I have going at the moment, so I started another........ & finished it!

This is like the bags I've been making for the kids jigsaw puzzles to be stored in. But for me they are going to be project bags. I get so sick of trying to find the bits I need to finish a particular piece that it often puts me off attempting it (that's my excuse anyway!) These will allow me to store the cut out fabric or half-finished garment plus the pattern, the thread, the zips, the buttons, etc. They are made to fit into the IKEA storage unit in my sewing room & are clear on the back so I can quickly see what's inside. I also sewed a little clear window on the front (that orange box in the photo above) so I can put in little notes , like the size pattern I used.

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