Monday, February 16, 2009

When you don't know what to say

Firstly thanks for all the congratulations on our rapidly approaching(or so it seems) third bambino.

I've had so many things to post about lately but since we emerged from the Circus Festival on Monday to hear of the Victorian Bushfires I really haven't been able to get my thoughts straight to sit down and write. There are lots of terrific bloggers raising money through various auctions and the like. I've sent a load of kids clothes over (via our local member) and hope they will be of use to someone.

The past week has been quieter than usual and I've spent most of my time just enjoying Max & Adelaide, fully aware of how quickly things can change. It has been a week of extra cuddles, story-reading & little outings to collect ripe fruit from our neighbours. I've been avoiding the TV and most of the internet coverage as it already seems too much, I don't need the visual images as well (perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones).

I'll get back to posting some time soon - perhaps after I bottle all the fruit scattered around our house!

1 comment:

Kelly Fletcher said...

The fires have been truly awful and devastating to watch. I can totally understand why you'd choose not to see anymore. Good luck with your pregnancy!


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