Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Summer in a jar

So with today all overcast & cool I was drawn to these photos while sorting pictures on my laptop (trying to give it some kind of order!). They remind me that we managed to capture just a little bit of summer to see us through the chilly months ahead.

So along with the fruit I mentioned back in January we collected more or were given more;

Yummy apricots. Although I was away for the crucial picking time so we did not get as many bottled apricots this year. Most were too ripe for bottling when we got back so were used up in jams & chutneys

We harvested our first batch of 'Santa Rosa' plums, enough for a small batch of jam (& much feasting of plums!). These were boiled up whole, cooled, squashed through a large colander to remove the seeds, boiled again with sugar, bottled &labelled with the kids in charge of the label production.

some help from the local child labour;

Other plums were delivered to our door, a blundstones box of great tangy jam plums:

More cumquat marmalade...some from our tree & the rest from our source (the nest was still there!)

And then there was the damson plums sourced from a neighbour, the best plums for jam making...only a little batch....not to be given away....top shelf jam.....a reminder of helpful friends who will risk life & limb to bag some of these divine plums (I held the ladder).

Now my camera has died but the production line continues with jars of kasundi & onion marmalade making their way downstairs to our 'larder'.


Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

My goodness! I'm envious of all that jam!

Lulu said...

I ate canned apricots for years, then one day it was impossible to get Australian grown apricots in a can. So I stopped buying them. Your way is the only, and best, way to get them now. I'm jealous.

Kathy said...

Wow, You've been so productive in the kitchen!! Wish I was half that organised. We didn't get many apricots this year, so just ate them - YUM!
I now have a tree (which last year, seemed to magically appear out of nowhere, almost overnight ) FULL of nectarines and am not quite sure what to do with them all. I stewed and froze some last year, but it just seems wrong somehow. Any thoughts??

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Your preserves look really fabulous. I love the special writing on the labels too!

I can't imagine how many jars you must have in your collection?! I am struggling just to a dozen or so together in anticpation of the feijoa harvest soon.

2paw said...

Love the labels and the cornucopia of summer goodness!!

Heart Felt said...

Wow you have been busy! Fantastic....love the photo of your little helper! x

Anonymous said...

Well, I learned something: I've never heard of kasundi, so I looked it up. It sounds delicious; I wonder with what dishes it is most popular?

Michelle said...

I love this post! What gorgeous goodness to last the winter months.

I was supposed to get a bag of Damsons in the school carpark today. But I was stood up! Now I'm thinking of the best way to chase them up without seeming desperate ....email...text..phone call...quick visit to their remote farm...??

Jane said...

Your jam sounds delicious! I really love your labels. I bottled apricots for the first time this year as we had a fantastic season- they will be so good for the kids in winter.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Jummy they look great!!!

blackberry@hipplanet.com said...

We're from Missouri, and every year we made plum jam. Two trees flanked the kitchen porch; the aroma and the wasps were signs of high summer. Plum jam is so pretty, and easy to make. Winter is too harsh for apricot trees. Thank you for posting this.
p.s. if you ever get wind of another canner like this, please let me know. it's beautiful!


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