Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Spy - A magic elixir

I loved this week's theme "A Magic Elixir" from Badskirt for Cindy's Eye spy game so decided to finally get half organised (it is Monday already!) to play.

In our house the banana smoothie reins supreme and iron chef mum is always pronounced the winner after making a round of these.

I always have some strawberries & bananas frozen in the freezer ready to go (I buy them when they are cheap, peel them, bag them & freeze them.....they are only really good for smoothies & cakes after freezing). Max can now get all the necessary equipment out, including bananas & berries. I'm often called to the kitchen to find everything is up on the bench and the kids chanting "let's make smoovies".......great way to fill little stomachs when you have a fussy eater!

So here it is:

  • frozen bananas & berries
  • milk
  • yoghurt
  • honey
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • a couple of teaposoons of LSA

Blend away & tip in straw cups (highly recommended!).......enjoy!

Warning note: it will be really cold & thick


Amy (badskirt) said...

yum! Thanks for sharing. I may have to get myself a blender and try this one out!

Jetta's Nest said...

Yum! Your banana smoothie recipes sounds worth trying. There really are lots of great magical elixirs around :)

pen said...

mmmm, i always forget about LSA. my son could do with a daily one of these after a week of bronchitis and not much food. thanks!
we make icecream with frozen bananas, yoghurt (or coconut milk if there's some open), maple syrup, frozen berries are optional. food process it and the kids like it straight away, i like to freeze mine for a few hours. yummo.

Ellieboo said...

Wow they sound fantastic - I know my little one will love them. Definitely going to give them a try - I have never even heard of LSA, I need to get out more!

Christina Lowry said...

I'm getting a blender soon, yay! I will be able to make all kinds of yumminess like this too, oh and blend the babies food to of course...

Heart Felt said...

Sounds very yummy....xx

Gina said...

Hey Angie. Not playing eye-spy but I want to thank you for suggesting I visit Love & Clutter when I was in Hobart last week. So much beautiful stuff!! The owner was in and we chatted awhile. I had the bub strapped to me and asleep so didn't try on any clothes, but next time I'm down I will. Had fun at Salamanca too. Do you ever run a stall there?

Monica @ bpab said...

Nice one with the frozen bananas. Will try. Thanks!


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