Saturday, April 4, 2009


It was 2 months ago that Tim volunteered to go back out to the airport to retrieve my forgotten bag (I'm pleading pregnancy brain or just general brain-fry after a flight back from Brisbane with the kids on my own). On the return trip he spied two journeymen or Zimmermen hitching in to town & stopped to give them a ride.

Having lived in Germany we knew vaguely of the journeymen tradition. As these two had no plans for where they were going to stay (and it was 11pm) they were invited back to our place for the night. As we were about to go to the circus festival for the weekend we offered for them to stay at our place & keep JP company. When we got back Tim sent around an email to see if anyone had work for carpenters...and then the phone ran hot all night.

After a few more days bunking in our lounge room & providing hours of entertainment for the kids they left to start work 'building a house in a shed'. At first I thought something had been lost in translation but today we ventured down the Channel to see what they had built & to say farewell as they leave on the next part of their journey.

The 'house in a shed' was truly that & they had done a beautiful job crafting a home from mostly recycled timber and salvaged doors & windows. The house is not yet finished but is well on it's way and has the sweet smell of freshly oiled timber.

Max was in heaven getting to hang out with the 'big kids', especially down at the tree house

and sitting on the wood pile for dinner

We left feeling glad to have been a small part in their journey (did I mention it's hard to get a 'normal' photo of these guys?)

You can check out some of their work if you ever visit the Botanical Gardens where they replaced the waterwheel in the Japanese section (no nails).

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