Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The clean up....and the mustard obsession

I'm finally getting around to posting after the market on the weekend. There is a lot of catching up going on around here after a week of working fairly flat out to get stock ready for the market! The guest/sewing room is in the process of being converted back to a temporary sewing room until the next lot of visitors arrive! The house is gradually being cleared of fabric clippings, lost pins, threads, fluff & all those crazy bits that come off corduroy!

I'm even close to the bottom of the washing basket....a fairly rare event around these parts.

Of course there is still the actual unpacking of most of the market suitcases......

It was a different market to the last one I did, with different things selling this time around. I now have a week of getting orders (from the market & ETSY) ready to send, which will see the end of my stash of red scooter fabric, hopefully I have enough left over to make something for Addie!

The best thing about markets is the fact that I make things in my kids sizes so that if they don't sell, they get used by Max & Addie! Both are in need of some winter clothing so it was good to be able to give them some new threads. The photos below were taken after they were worn to 2 playgroups yesterday (Tim took them along to a Dad's playgroup for the first time...where they had dinner!)

  • some cord pants for Max with wood trim used for the pockets . The best bit about these pants is that I made them to last as long as possible, they have a deep hem, ready to be let down as he grows & an adjustable waist that I can let out if his girth happens to change!

  • and a corduroy smock for Adelaide,with an essential pocket for her hanky or mobilo phone. I'll have to try & get a picture of her wearing it as it is much nicer on!
Also unsold from the market was this baby quilt I made, a simple quilt, made from a linen cotton blend on the front combined with some Echino fabric, backed with some spotty cotton fabric (from Spotlight would you believe!) & the binding done in mustard coloured cotton.

The quilt matches the baby blocks I showed in my last post & I'm thinking of keeping this little bundle for a gift or for our next baby. It would seem strange to have a quilt already completed before the baby comes along given Max & Adelaide's quilts were not completed until they were about 6 months old!

Finishing this little quilt made me want to do more so I plan to get going on my backlog of promised quilts soon.....yes Britt Matilda's is at the top of the list finally!

I also realised how obsessed with the colour mustard I am at the moment, I think it goes with everything! It started way back here when I bought some mustard coloured broadcloth from Spotlight called "Chartreuse". It is still being combined with all sorts of fabrics, from the quilt above to this mermaid fabric....

I'm really serious, look at the size of this cotton reel!

And to top it off I found both these necklaces at the op shop in the same week recently!

To add to my ever growing collection of necklaces made for me by Max, it's amazing how much time he can spend concentrating on threading (using an elastic bodkin).

OK I need to go & face up to some more of that unpacking and cleaning!


Kym said...

I love your stack of old suitcases! I'm always on the look out for them at the op shop, but so far have just one.

I'm keen to try a market one day. If only I could sew faster and add an extra couple of hours to every day.

Gina said...

Oh boy. I love this post! You make such great boys' pants, think I'll be buying me some in the near future. Also love the echino baby quilt, and the mustard. I'm also digging the milk-lid necklace! I've been saving up our lids and wondering what to use them for (apart from car wheels!) but also wondering if I can use them for something for me. I'm feeling a fabric-covered milk-lid necklace coming on...


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