Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eye Spy - My Karaoke Masterpiece

When I saw this weeks theme, from Erin, I was a bit worried, I wish I sang more, or at least more confidently. While I would actually never karaoke I'm definately making more of an effort to sing aloud around Max & Adelaide so they see it as a normal part of their days (and hopefully they continue even if they sing as poorly as me).

At the moment this would be the song I sing most frequently (Dr knickerbocker excluded) , particularly when we are driving.

Max occasionally sings along & thinks it's quite amusing to sing "like a shoe on the wire" thanks to a pair of soccer boots thrown over the powerlines further down our street.

This is my current favourite Leonard song that I wish I did a better karaoke version of:

More karaoke goodness over here.


Jessi said...

nice song choices... :)

thank you for the tips... i shall try that today... x

Christina Lowry said...

Thanks for sharing! I love Leonard Cohen. He was part of the inspiration of my baby's name - Cohen. :)

Cindy said...

I love that you are running around the house singing your heart out for the children - I am the same. Would you mind picking next weeks theme?


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