Monday, May 18, 2009

Eye Spy - something green

I've been meaning to post about the current deal available from Nuenergy for ages now. If you've ever been interested in installing solar panels that feed into the electricity grid (thereby reducing your power bills) this may be your chance to do it for free....if you fit the criteria, etc. Check it out here. We signed up as part of our gradual 'green' transformation of our average suburban house.

While you are at it, check out the insulation rebates currently being offered by the federal government, some info here. Depending on your house size & what insulation you select this rebate could cover the entire cost of the installation, again helping to reduce your power bills.

And now a few green pics from around the garden, we finally got the garlic in this weekend...planting lots this year as I know I'm not going to have a lot of gardening time in the months ahead so the garlic can fill the garden beds to make it look productive (and we do eat a LOT of garlic!)

The land cress has been loving all the rain we have been getting

the artichokes are going strong....these are great as they look after themselves remarkably well (I've potted up a whole lot of self sown seeds from these plants that will be sold to raise money for a garden renovation project at the Centre where we attend be sold at this market)
Self-sown coriander (notice the self-sown theme?)

The last of the chillies....these will be picked & frozen for use over winter

Bulbs are popping up everywhere

Max's broccoli, netted off to protect it from the over-zealous gardener he can sometimes be

The broad bean crop slowly emerging

Some alpine strawberry runners (I think that's what they are called) collected from a park in the city, to be potted up soon, these are great ground covers that do actually produce little strawberries.

More greenery can be found here. Thanks to Trashalou for the green theme.


Jennifer Rose said...

great green photos :) what type of bulb is that?

Michelle said...

Lovely post Angie. I'm very envious of your artichokes - mine are coming along s l o w l y.

Angie said...

The bulbs are coming up behind the main plant in that is a succulent of some kind that has colonized this pot.

Bek said...

wow a lot of action in the garden! i have some plans for ours, but it is a little overwhelming. I would especially like to plant some edibles!

Heart Felt said...

What a fantastic garden you grow...xx

Bird Bath said...

your garden is a real treasure trove...I love the fact that there is lots of self sown produce popping up.
I'm just starting our vegie patch off and am finding it quite a lot of work in between all the other tasks on my list.

Joanne said...

Great garden. Self-seeded stuff is the sweet bonus of gardening.


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