Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Finds

These aren't things I found today but have been gathered on recent op shop outings with the kids - a great winter sport with children on rainy days....lots of different toys to play with, books to read and something for me to do at the same time! Plus if they break anything it costs me very little! This little clothes line has brought much pleasure and the kids are now in charge of hanging their own undies & socks on the line. Apparently it's also good for drying trucks.

flannel sheet...this one to be used on a novel!

Some more fabric to add to the stash!

And how could I go past this kitchen magician or food glamorizer!

It does amazing things according to the instructions, it even peels potatoes!

Look out future dinner guests, your meal is about to be glamourized!

If you're in Hobart & need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE this rainy weekend here are a couple of options for you.....The Beach Market on Saturday (crazy last minute preparations going on here) and The Market on Sunday (be sure to check out this talented lady).

Right I'm off on a last minute dash into Spotlight to get all those bits & bobs I need to finishstuff for the market (did I mention how organised I am?) We are now into full winter dressing....must dash!


Kylie said...

OMG! I had those sheets as a child!! (and that was a while ago, believe me!) Soooo lovely seeing them again - it's like seeing an old friend ;)
Love the clothes line too - what a fab idea. Pity my girls are too big for that. I have my work cut out for me getting them to bring in washing from the big clothes line!
Thanks for this. Just loved it. :) K

little grubs said...

I just LOVE your finds!!! The clothes is awesome my little ones keep asking for a line for them to peg onto - must keep a lookout. And as for the glamourizer - what can I say?!!! Good luck with your market this weekend. x

Tania said...

Oh my goodness - you have also transported me back about thirty years with that clothesline - the memory is a bit rickety but I suddenly see very fragile and precious pale pink pegs and a hanging clothes obsession!

Anonymous said...

Max looks so big standing next to Ade! Hopefully we can get down to see all the op shop treasuers before the year is out.
Luv Britt

littleecofootprints said...

That clothes line is such a unreal find!

Have fun glamorizing :-)

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

What a great post! I don't know what I love most, that drop dead cute clothes line or the food glamouriser. How fabulous!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest pic of your kiddoes!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I used to have one of those lines when I was a kid. I had a little mini washing basket and trolley to go with it. I loved them. I used to hang my dolls clothes while mum was hanging out the family stuff.

hanna said...

Love the sheet! Your kiddies are so cute too :o). And I could so do with the clothesline like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i love your finds!
I inherited a food glamorizer from my Granny. but i don't have any instructions :(
i was wondering if you could help me and maybe post the instructions on your site. I can't find any on the net.

Zoe said...

hi there, I wondered, if your kids had grown out of it, would you be interested in selling your kid's clothes line? I would LOVE it!

Unknown said...

A Food Glamorizer! I have one, in the box even, but with no instructions. I have no idea how to use it. Any chance you might scan your insturctions and email to me? Sure would appreciate it.


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