Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creative Space - sanity pack

Honestly there has not been much on the creative front around here. I've found another use for the puzzle bags, I'm just re-badging them, now they are called "sanity craft bags". During the evening (i.e. relative calm) I can make them up with a craft activity for the kids so when we are all going stir-crazy (or just plain crazy) I can quickly grab one and get them going without having to:

1. Think of an activity (impossible in the heat of THE MOMENT)
2. Find everything we need

This one is ready to go for this afternoons crafting.....threading (apologies for the very busy table cloth)

I'm in count down mode for the end of this winter. I usually like a lot of the things winter brings; snow, woolly jumpers, preserved fruits, hearty soups, winter veggies and of course winter babies. I've enjoyed reading Michelle's 'good things about winter' but really now I'm over it. This winter I've seen too much RAIN. I know we needed it blah, blah, blah, but now I need some sun. Some sun to dry out the muddles (as Max calls them) .

There are only so many times you want to pile 3 kids into the car to go somewhere warm & dry to wear them out! I want to be able to send them out into the yard to play again, I also want to get the cubbyhouse parked in our driveway into the back yard without getting bogged!

On the up side there has been much scone making and jam eating. This was our last jar of jam made from our plums (we still have lots of jam made from other folks fruit).

However the promise of spring and more plums is in the air....

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Chickens in the sewing room

Thanks to Leonie, I've got some lovely bits of fabric to play around with and someone somewhere is getting a chook (no more room in our super muddy hen house!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creative Space - puzzle control

In the spare moments of the past week when the thought of any form of house cleaning has been more disheartening than usual (given the seemingly fruitless nature of my efforts) I've started reclaiming the spare room as a 'sewing space' (our bedroom now seems palatial and Tim looks extra pleased with the new arrangement).

So far it has been used for further experimental nappy making and working on some puzzle storage bags. I've already made a stack of these bags for our puzzles , this latest lot is for our playgroup. Everything is cut out (using thrifted fabric & zips plus some clear plastic). Four down...........

.........quite a few yet to go!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creative Space - click, click, click

I needed to yet again claim Max's basket to cart around my latest crafting effort, knitting. I've really been enjoying the repetitive nature and calming aspect of knitting. I still struggle with following the patterns (or rather understanding the lingo of patterns....surely no-one knits so quickly that they need to be so brief!). At least I'm finally getting to use the needles I got from my Nanna last year.
This vest I started for Max is actually starting to look like the picture (I'm quite surprised). I think the harder parts of this pattern are still to come though.....I'll know in the next few days. Knitting and breast feeding seem to go well together if you have a feeding support pillow.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nappy making

The days are zooming by and of course now it feels we have always been a family of five.

Max and Adelaide are enjoying the extra unsupervised play time (imagine every book, game, train piece & puzzle scattered over the floor of their room) and the story reading opportunities that breast feeding sessions offer. The days are feeling more and more like spring so there has been lots of outside play. Our poor excuse for a lawn (mostly flat weeds) is now pock-marked with these holes, dug by "the workers" and then filled with various found objects (this one has egg shells, hose fittings, pebbles and grass!) But such projects take about an hour to create affording me much peace and the opportunity to catch up on some sewing or housework.

The sewing lately has mostly been nappies, some for Leo and some for friends who are due to have their first babe soon.

This old-style pre-fold style is the easiest to make and they work really well with the fleece soakers I made. I found the fleece so much easier to sew than the felted wool. I'll leave the wool for making larger sizes or a different style. The nappy below was made from an old towel and some left over flannel sheet. There are instructions all over the internet for this style of nappy. Mine has flannel on one side & towelling on the other so they do up with a snappi and fit well on a new born without rubbing their belly-button.

We are already on to the next size soaker for Leo - he is growing before our eyes!

Of course all these nappies need washing and drying so it's nice to have seen more of the sun lately. That little clothesline is still getting a workout!

The garden has little to offer at this time of the year and I'm hoping we can get out and do some more planting soon. Max's broccoli crop has kept on producing nice big broccoli heads as well as lots of little broccoli regrowth.


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