Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tech wrecks

Technology has gotten the better of me, my computer decided to up & died just before I did my biennial backing up! After a week of sweating over whether I had 'lost' all our photos from the last 2 years a tech-savvy knight-in-shining-armour reckons he can get it all back.....yippee.

So I hope to be back online the mean time go & backup your photos!

image above from here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dolly, Kudjekbinj, Bing, JP

When I first picked her up her name was Dolly. I was living in Darwin at the time and she was the pride and joy of a big burly biker living next to the Nightcliff Tavern. He seemed devastated when I told him I didn't plan to breed her (Staffy-Dingo-Bully?!?)

She was classified by the vet as a Humpty Doo-Brown-Dog.

She grew up surrounded by the camp dogs of Gunbalunya where her days were spent keeping cool amongst the lemon grass clumps and wisely avoiding the croc-infested waters around the town. It was here she was given the name Kudjekbinj, a place name in Arnhem Land. Visits to Darwin were always interesting as calling out "Kudjekbinj" on a walk always elicited amazement among any Bininj (Aboriginal people of that area in Arnhem Land).

We moved to Sydney where we walked daily around Callan Park, marvelling at the pace of city life and quickly realising it was not the place for us. While she remained Kudjekbinj to me she was usually just introduced as Bing.

She then went to live on the farm with my parents in Northern NSW while I was overseas, learning the joys of chasing rabbits and NOT chasing chooks (chook-chasing dogs don't last long on farms).

We then moved to Hobart and I'm certain she was the only Humpty Doo brown-dog in town. Somehow she then became known as JP, which was supposed to be a shortening of Kudjekbinj??

It was not the weather that brought the biggest changes in Hobart, it was the arrival of children. As more babies arrived, less walks were had. Thankfully JP was ball-crazy and we live next to a reserve so chasing the footy or a tennis ball replaced proper walks. Even so I often went to bed feeling guilty about yet another day with very little time spent with her.

Last weekend we had JP put down. She had a very large tumour on her spleen and while one vet encouraged us to operate I did not want her remaining time to be spent recovering from such major surgery. A second vet agreed and advised against an operation like that at her age.

It was a sad day for me but it was tempered by the knowledge that it was the right thing to do and she had had a great life and had not suffered at the end. We buried her in the backyard with her footy (or what remained of it) and a tennis ball. I've planted some sunflowers there and look forward to seeing them throughout the summer ahead, each one reminding me of my old mate.

I'll leave the kids reactions for another post but they sure do ask the curliest questions!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Giveaway winner

Finally, the winner of my blogtoberfest giveaway is Bek of Red Chocolate.....I'll be sending this pile of goodies your way soon as I can.. see , the summer weather has arrived here in Tasmania

....and I need to spend time at the beach

....eating watermelon

....I think there is a post box en route though!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative Space - the countdown

I've just realised how little time I have left before 'my sewing room' (sometimes referred to as the spare room) needs to be cleared out & ready for visitors. So I've been grabbing spare moments (thank you sandpit) to get some sewing done, finishing off some bits in the insanely large pile of works in progress, and making a few clothes for the kids and myself (having given up on ever buying anything due to the heart palpitations I get at the thought of herding 3 kids and myself into a change room) .

The idea was to get some summer gear made but in rummaging through the fabric shelves I ended up making up a dress for Addie and some wool and cord pants for Max (???)

This fabric reminded me of buttongrass and I wished I had bought enough to make a skirt for myself, for now it is a new dress for Adelaide. Given her growth rates to date it should fit her for the next 2 years, giving me time to make a skirt for myself & do some strange mother-daughter-dress-matching.

With a little red flash from underneath....

The wool pants for Max were made from these wool-blend pants picked up at the op-shop eons ago to experiment with making kids pants from adults clothing.

I used a basic pants pattern to chop them up, incorporating the pockets for the front...

...and these great tabs for the back

The photos are terrible but you can see the general idea. I've just got to go & stitch up the hem and add a bit of elastic to the waist. With some luck he will wear them without complaints of scratchiness.

The cord pants are already in rotation....

and Max's backpack is getting there s...l...o...w...l...y (currently being carted about on a frisbee)

Now I really need to get back to reality; washing our sheets after Leo vomited all over them (and me) this morning, scraping the ants out of the butter (why do they suddenly give up on the honey when you least expect), encouraging Addie to put her clothes back on, the list goes on....and on....and on.

For a field-day of creative spaces pop over here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sprung's everywhere and I'm so glad.

I'm still marveling at the tulips I grew (or planted & then forgot about until they usual gardening technique).

This time of year always ends up snowballing for me.....before I know it I'll be getting my head around the fact it has been 10 years since the twentieth century ended (I was recently filling out a form and when filling out the date actually wrote '19....', oh dear)

We have all been enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. The garden is getting some much needed love as I try to reign in the weeds and get planting for summer.

The smalls and I have been watching a blackbird family who built a nest in the hedge out the front of our place...

:: they laid three eggs, two of them hatched (featherless baby birds really freak me out!)

:: mother-bird sat on the nest

:: they grew feathers in about a week and looked far more presentable...

:: father-bird delivered worms (dug from MY garden)....

:: then 'mysteriously' there was only one baby bird

:: as we were piling into the car one morning, baby-bird landed unceremoniously on the car bonnet in it's first attempt at flying. With major coaxing from it's parents (shrill shrieks) and Max & Addie (also shrill shrieks) it made it off the car and onto the fence, after doing an almighty bird poo on the car. So after all that bird watching the thing that gets talked about the most (and as often as possible) is the fact the baby-bird did a poo on our car!

:: now I have yet another annoying blackbird to keep out of the garden!

The smalls did enjoy the fact that it was much like the pictures in the Spring book (minus the pooing incident)

So in an attempt to actually plant all the seedlings lined up on the kitchen window sill I may be absent for a while.

However I've nearly put together my giveaway package (luckily I'm feeling all spring-cleaning-like so it's growing every day) & will work out a way to draw a winner this week.

Happy Spring!


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