Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sprung's everywhere and I'm so glad.

I'm still marveling at the tulips I grew (or planted & then forgot about until they usual gardening technique).

This time of year always ends up snowballing for me.....before I know it I'll be getting my head around the fact it has been 10 years since the twentieth century ended (I was recently filling out a form and when filling out the date actually wrote '19....', oh dear)

We have all been enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. The garden is getting some much needed love as I try to reign in the weeds and get planting for summer.

The smalls and I have been watching a blackbird family who built a nest in the hedge out the front of our place...

:: they laid three eggs, two of them hatched (featherless baby birds really freak me out!)

:: mother-bird sat on the nest

:: they grew feathers in about a week and looked far more presentable...

:: father-bird delivered worms (dug from MY garden)....

:: then 'mysteriously' there was only one baby bird

:: as we were piling into the car one morning, baby-bird landed unceremoniously on the car bonnet in it's first attempt at flying. With major coaxing from it's parents (shrill shrieks) and Max & Addie (also shrill shrieks) it made it off the car and onto the fence, after doing an almighty bird poo on the car. So after all that bird watching the thing that gets talked about the most (and as often as possible) is the fact the baby-bird did a poo on our car!

:: now I have yet another annoying blackbird to keep out of the garden!

The smalls did enjoy the fact that it was much like the pictures in the Spring book (minus the pooing incident)

So in an attempt to actually plant all the seedlings lined up on the kitchen window sill I may be absent for a while.

However I've nearly put together my giveaway package (luckily I'm feeling all spring-cleaning-like so it's growing every day) & will work out a way to draw a winner this week.

Happy Spring!


Michelle said...

Beautiful tulips!

We once had a blackbird nest in our tree fern, and you know, those birds killed that fern!

Cindy said...

I reckon this is the worse year ever for going quickly. I can't believe how quick it has gone and how quick the kids are growing up - scary stuff

Simon & Britt said...

Matilda loved looking at the nest and can't wait to see the blackbird nest when we vist soon!


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