Monday, December 7, 2009

Stripe fest and broad bean feast

I think I've mentioned my penchant for stripes before, however it wasn't until I was downloading these photos that I realised how many stripes we had going on today!

and in case you were wondering, we are not sponsored by Bonds

Our broad bean crop is being harvested almost daily at the moment, Adelaide happily chomps through them while playing out the back....leaving a trail of pods in her wake. The few plants that popped up in the lawn (spilling things can be good) produced great big pods.

And the best bit is the smalls love to shell them for me, of course there is a small commission charged (the occasional nibble) and it keeps them amused for quite a while (not sure if this will last the season out)

I forgot to get a photo of them, in all there bright green splendour (when double shelled), cooked up with new garlic, yummmmmm.


13mimosa said...

One of my favourites veg and definitely one of those that is best eaten when you grow them yourself - they always seem too old and a little floury in the shops.

Gina said...

Oh I LOVE the stripe-fest, kids look so great in stripes.

Thanks also for your thoughtful advice on my last post... I so appreciated it. Your practical words helped me to get into gear rather than just wallowing. You're great. Thanks.

Tania said...

You guys so SHOULD be Bonds sponsored! How cool are those bean-eating kids?!

Kim Rakes said...

What a sweet picture of all your little ones, all striped up, and working together. My oldest turns 3 in august but I think we will begin our first family garden this spring. I am a bit nervous but atleast both of my girls will be too young to remember the year that mommy grew a bunch of spotted tomatoes and premature cucumbers ;)

becclebee said...

i'm all for stripes and broad beans. especially ones from your own garden - how lovely!


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