Monday, January 26, 2009

Not only Christmas pudding!

Just before we left on our Christmas holidays we discovered that we are about to be outnumbered! Yes there's soon to be three of them & only two of us...not sure what that means in practice but I have a feeling we will find out in early July (or mid-July going on my previous pregnancies).

I'm about 17 weeks and I'm quickly getting to the "When are you due?" stage rather than the sideways glance & 'ohh she ate a lot of pudding over Christmas' (thought bubble) stage.

Picture taken at the 'Discord: Art from Mona' exhibition, part of Mona Foma.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday stash - goodies brought home from our holiday

Firstly apologies for the photos...I didn't realise until towards the end that there was a wee little smudgy finger print on the lens (I must remember not to give the camera to the kids to distract them!). This is a bit of an eclectic mix as it was bits & pieces to add to the stash that I picked up on our recent holiday.

Most of these were picked up in brief op-shop visits as once we were driving & Addie was asleep we couldn't afford to stop as she doesn't like the car so we had to drive while we could. So here goes......

This little kitting pattern book.......for when I learn to follow a pattern!

More patterns, some flannel for more winter PJ's & a selection of linen tea towels.

Some more zips to add to the collection.

This amazing orange wool from an incredible fabric shop in Benalla. I'll post a picture of this shop another time as it was amazing, everything was $5/m but you had to dig! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the bag that it came in.....bright pink with the following text "If you can't make it to Paris, try Benalla"

More vintage barkcloth and another great cotton sheet to cut up and use. The rolled up fabric is actually some indigo cotton or linen blend.

More folksy pieces for ..........something!!

These last few were given to me by Tim's mother, firstly this Kaffe Fassett jumper. I'm planning to remove the sleeves to make some baby pants & I'm not quite sure what I'll make the rest into yet.
This vintage trim, destined to be used on some new winter pants for the kids

And finally these Canary pinking shears...I've been looking to get a pair for ages & these are perfect in their original box!

And lastly some IKEA heavy cotton, just because.

Now I'm off to use some of this to make some much needed jigsaw puzzle holders before I drown in puzzle pieces, lucky I have all those zips to chose from!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative Space....where (scattered throughout the house), when (not all that often)

Creating anything beyond 3 meals a day can be a challenge in itself so it's good to get some inspiration from others via Kootoyoo who hosts "creative space"

This is one lot of jam made earlier this week (& finally moved off the bench today!) made from organic apricots given to us by friends.

Now to use up the rest of the fruit sitting around our kitchen. All of this free from our garden or neighbours trees or from those lovely overhanging branches in the neighbourhood.

I did manage to make it to the sewing machine tonight to sew up this little bib for a 'new' baby we have yet to meet. It is made from a vintage linen tablecloth & backed with toweling from an op-shop red towel.

And of course there was the gnocchi production line to create this evenings meal, me rolling, Max chopping & Addie putting chopped pieces into a bowl!

When it's windy outside!

WOW, it's crazy-windy here today. We have virtually been inside all day thanks to insanely gusty weather that has shaken the deck roofing, ripped the mats off the trampoline, blown a bucket load of Midlands topsoil onto my wet washing and filled the yard with chip packets (courtesy of the school behind our place & the fact every parent in the neighborhood seems to only send their children to school with little chip packets - a rant for another day perhaps!)

It has been a day of inside projects after we had to seek shelter from our days 'building' activities mid-project. Max mostly entertained himself by drawing on the path while I sawed & drilled. I'm hoping this will look better & prevent the local cat for pooing under the stairs.....not the first thing you want to smell as you enter the house!

Once inside I decided to continue sorting/cleaning the kids room, something they enjoyed as initially it involved pulling everything out of the shelves to be sorted. The result was a much neater shelf and a mountain of outgrown clothes in the hallway to sort (another day?). We never got around to painting the kids room so I used my favourite technique of covering up holes & marks on the walls - by hanging pictures over them!

I found these frames this week at Target reduced from$27 to $3! They
were perfect for these pictures taken from an old vintage children's story book (it was already in pieces). They were a good size for covering dents in the walls that are beyond my spak-filler abilities.

I wish I could get a better photo of these but I'm no great photographer, they show a girl & her teddy at the beach for the day.

Over in Max's corner I added the 'counting' animal frieze (an op-shop find from last year) and an embroidery hoop with one of my favourite Kristen Doran prints.

I couldn't cut the birds nest panel so it's all taped up behind the hoop in case I want to use it for something else one day (I do have another 2, one of them destined to become an autumn dress for Addie)

This little op-shop find isn't covering any flaws but is about the cutest cross-stitch I've ever come across. Those little legs hanging down belong to a humpty dumpty that was knitted by Tim's mum when Tim was little.

And lastly I finally found a home for this dust-collector that has been trialled for many different purposes (buttons, jewelery). I got the idea from an old post (that I can no longer find) over at heart-felt. It is on the wall at kid-eye-height at the entrance to their room so I plan to put a variety or ever-changing bits & pieces in it, as in I put things in & the kids take them out & scatter them around the house, leaving room for other trinkets I may find in need of a home.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I've been meaning to get back here for days now, I just never seem to get the chance.....and it's not as though I'm spending all my time cleaning the house or finding homes for all the new gear we arrived home with!

I have been spending time out in the garden trying to find various edible plants among the weeds that take over when you go on holidays for 5 weeks! I'll get around to updating my veg-about update some time the interim here is the before & after of the front garden bed (imagine how the weeds are in the veggie patch!). I know it's not really veg-about material but in amongst all those sunflowers are our blue berry bushes (only a wee handful of blueberries this year...all gobbled up by Max & Addie).

This was how it looked in the last week in November:

And now:
Can you see the blueberries cowering in their birdcages?? I discovered they are also good for protecting blueberries from rogue sunflowers that would like to grow horizontal & squash the yummy useful plants!

Monday, January 12, 2009

THAT really was a holiday!

We are finally back in Tasmania, back in our house, back home.

We had a wonderful holiday travelling around visiting friends & family. Because it was 5 weeks away we all slipped into holiday mode & stayed there until we returned!

I'm surrounded by bags still packed & new things that are yet to find a home so I'll give a really brief holiday summary!

We started with the much anticipated ferry ride, the kids loved it, I didn't get too sea sick & we all managed a bit of sleep so it was better than I had anticipated.

We had brunch (& a train ride) with friends in Melbourne before heading on to visit other friends for a couple of days in lovely Castlemaine.

We then spent a week camping with friends in Kosziosko National Park. It was brilliant: great weather, no marchflies, not many other campers, great walks, kangaroos & lots of sitting around the campfire at nights.

The next stop was South Coast NSW visiting Tim's family between Bateman's Bay & Bega. It was a time of extra sleep-ins ( have family around), watching the kids play with (or pester) their older cousins, beach picnics, canoeing, wheelbarrow rides, rope swings over the dam, Christmas feasts and much much more.

We celebrated Tim's birthday with his family & some friends from Hobart who were in that neck of the woods (sort of!) before we ventured back to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula to stay with friends & meet their new baby girl. Adelaide was obsessed with the "bebe"and was constantly looking to give her kisses & over-zealous cuddles!

A quick drive to Melbourne for where we stayed for a couple of nights to catch up with some Melbourne folk, take Max on the tram rides, the almost obligatory IKEA trip & general wandering/eating around St. Kilda, Prahan & Richmond before the day trip back to Tassie on the ferry.

After a couple of nights visiting friends in Launceston we finally made it home, the car packed to the rafters, the children weary & Tim and I looking forward to not sharing a room with the children for a good while to come (at least for some of the night)!!!!!

Already we have a bowls full of fruit that has been collected from the garden or on walks around the neighbourhood so it is time to start thinking about making jam & bottling fruit again....enough for one night


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